Problems with Log-In

If you are experiencing problems with connecting a shop account, this troubleshooting guide might help!


New Account?

If you have just created your account, it can happen that it takes up to a few minutes for the new account to be accessible from third party apps such as the Contrail Desktop App. This happens rarely and can be related to the shop system temporarily experiencing higher loads or other issues.

Also see chapter 2: Network Issues


Network / System Issues

Please check our status page, which might indicate a temporary issue with our network, which can result in failed log-ins: Contrail Status

Since most shops which can be connected to the desktop app use Shopify, also check the Shopify status page: Shopify Status


E-Mail Typo

You can verify your e-mail address by contacting us, we will check our records! You should have received e-mails after creating your account or placing the first order. If nothing is in your inbox, also check your Spam / Junk folder. If nothing is there, it might indicate a typo in your e-mail address during account creation.


Password Typo

We have had a few cases where e-mails or passwords included a typo during account creation, so customers were unable to log-in, thinking they were typing it correctly. Nothing to be ashamed off!

You can reset your password via the respective webshop homepage. Here is a collection of links:

Still having trouble?

Please don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!

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