Installation and first Steps

Contrail is the only app on the market which allows you to connect multiple webshops. Using Contrail, you can purchase, download, install and configure the products of your favourite developers in one place!
You can purchase directly from the developer without the hassle of logging into multiple shops to check for the latest installers, news and updates. It's all right here, in one combined application, right at your finger tips!


Let's start by installing Contrail.

You can download the latest version of the app here:
Run the installer, Contrail will launch when installation has been completed.


Choose your Simulator

The first screen you will see is the simulator selection page. Choose your desired simulator. You can switch to another platform anytime via the top-right menu.


Connect a shop account or activate a serial number

Next, we have the "Welcome" screen, where you can connect a shop account or activate a serial number. If you already have a Contrail, Flightbeam or LatinVFR Webshop account, you can connect it to Contrail by entering your e-mail address and password. All products you have purchased will activate automatically or are ready for Download if you don't have them installed yet.
You can also activate a serial number you have received from Simmarket, FSimStudios or other vendors. Refer to the related articles below for details and troubleshooting.


Navigating through Contrail

Finding your way through Contrail is easy! You can either search for a product via the Search button in the top menu, or use the left menu for jumping to Developer pages or Categories.



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