Landing Challenge Pro MSFS
Landing Challenge Pro MSFS
Landing Challenge Pro MSFS
Landing Challenge Pro MSFS
Landing Challenge Pro MSFS

Landing Challenge Pro

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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Take on nearly 30 unique landing challenges across the world and put your skills to the test!

Realise your true skill in your piloting abilities with Landing Challenge Pro as you take on nearly 30 unique landing challenges throughout the world.

Discover thrilling new destinations featuring approaches that often leave no room for error. Go up against short-runways, high-altitude approaches, and mountainous terrain on your global journey to build up your landing skills. Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings of stunning beaches and forests as you soar above the scenic locations, but remember your ultimate goal is to perform a safe landing.

Newcomers and experienced simmers alike can improve their landing skills with insightful feedback after each successful landing. Share your results with friends online and invite them to compete with your score. Advance through three difficulty levels choosing from Easy, Tough and Pro and master each challenge.

Harness all your skills to take on approaches through extreme weather conditions. Blizzards and freezing temperatures will cause ice to build up, whilst hurricanes and gusty winds will sway your aircraft from side to side. Take on several exhilarating and epic challenges in a variety of aircraft types and work towards becoming a pro.

Build on your experience and skill with Landing Challenge Pro to gain the confidence you need to take on any approach.

• Nearly 30 expertly crafted landing challenges spread throughout the world
• Unique missions designed to test your landing skills
• Diverse challenges including short-runways, beach landings, engine failures and more
• Custom-made weather presets for hurricanes, sandstorms, blizzards and more
• Feedback after each successful landing
• Three distinct difficulty levels perfect for any degree of experience
• An easy-to-follow comprehensive manual

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Review by Jayden 2021-12-30
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Terrible. I wonder if the developer has even bothered to fly some of these approaches they've made or whether they simply slewed into position and considered it done, which is how it feels with many. The first challenge doesn't even work, it immediately crashes and the Paro approach you need to decent at 4000ft/m to make the runway. It also doesn't keep track of your scores or even the fact you completed it, so any sense of accomplishment is negated completely. To be honest, I want my money back. it's a big disappointment.