E-Jets 190/195 MSFS
E-Jets 190/195 MSFS
E-Jets 190/195 MSFS
E-Jets 190/195 MSFS

E-Jets 190/195

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This is product is in the Early Access phase - meaning there will still be bugs and missing featureas, but you will already be able to do full flights and enjoy the products. Any bugs will be fixed continuously and free of charge.
Please visit the FSS website (linked below) to fully understand what the Early Access means before making a purchase.

If you own both E-Jets packages (E170/175 and E190/195) you will get exclusive and free access to the upcoming E190/195 freighter variant, which is planned for Q2 2024.

The E190/195 Early Access offers many custom systems, high resolution and accurate avionics, the FMS with an authentic interface, fully implemented sounds, and the 3D assets and animations are already finished and of top-level quality.

FSS is working on the entire E-Jets Series. They have been released as E170/175 bundle, and E190/E195 bundle. Please review the detailed description of all currently implemented systems or visit the FSS website for more details and FAQs.

The E-Jets series revolutionized regional jet travel and set the benchmark in performance, efficiency and comfort in the single-aisle segment. It is a successful line of 70 to 150 seat passengers’ jets, with over 80 airlines flying the model and an average mission completion rate of 99.9%.

The 2+2 configuration with no middle seat guarantees every passenger either a window or an aisle seat and with no under-seat support rails, there’s more space to stretch out.

Whether flying in mainline networks, low fare/low-cost environments, or on regional routes, the four members of the E-Jets family ensure airlines have the right capacity to maximize bottom-line returns. Fast turnaround times (15 mins or less) increase daily utilization, while reducing unit costs.

Designed for short to mid-range flights, the E190/195 features 96 to 120 seats in a single, dual or high-density configuration.
As well as being one of the most comfortable in the segment, the E190/195 is also one of the quietest with advanced sound absorbing materials.

3D Model

  • Precise and highly detailed recreation of the ERJ-190 & ERJ-195 (interior & exterior)
  • Including long and short winglet version
  • Using native MSFS technologies like:
    • High resolution decals
    • Crisp and sharp liveries
    • PBR effects throughout
    • Custom icing model
    • Individual interior and exterior lighting
    • Hundreds of animations including wipers, seats, wingflex, etc.
    • Ground service docking config
    • Dynamic registration number
  • Several detailed liveries included:
    • Aerolineas Argentinas
    • Air Dolomiti
    • AirLink
    • Alliance Airlines
    • BA Cityflyer
    • Breeze Airways
    • Conviasa
    • Eastern Airways
    • HOP
    • Jetblue
    • KLM Cityhopper
    • Lufthansa
    • Luxair
    • Tui
    • Air Dolomiti
    • Austrian
    • Azul
    • Breeze
    • Europa
    • Flybe
    • LOT Polish Airlines
    • SAS
    • TAP
    • Tianjin

Flight Dynamics

  • Correct weight & balance behavior
  • Performance in limits to real world data
  • Configured by real world airline pilot


  • Custom soundpack specifically done for this product
  • Immersive cockpit feeling typical for E-Jets
  • Based on real world recordings
  • Includes several warning and alert sounds

System Simulation

  • Systems custom coded based on real aircraft manual
    • Electrics (AC/DC)
    • APU including realistic procedures
    • Hydraulics
    • Heating / Ice Protection
    • Air Condition / Pneumatics
  • Only in the E190/195:
    • Steep approach mode
    • Head-Up display

Flight Management System

  • Detailed replica of the LOAD27 MCDU:
    • MSFS based lateral route management incl. SID/STAR
    • Performance Initialization & Data
    • Fuel Management
    • Takeoff and Landing speed calculation
    • Flight Summary
    • COM/NAV integration
    • Conversion Calculations
    • Maintenance Pages
    • Progress overview
    • Direct keyboard entry available

Autoflight System

  • Custom Flight Director implementation including TO mode
  • Automatic Yaw Damper logic
  • MAN speed mode
  • Custom tuned lateral autopilot modes (ROLL, HDG, LNAV, LOC, TRACK)
  • Custom tuned vertical autopilot modes (FPA, TO, ASEL, FLCH, ALT, VS, GS)
  • Corresponding Flight Mode Annunciators on PFD

Flight Instruments

  • Realistic Primary Flight Display (LOAD27) including:
    • Autopilot FMAs
    • V-Speeds readout
    • Low Speed Awareness tapes
    • VMO/MMO barber poles
    • Metric altitude readout
    • Trend vectors
    • BARO in hpa and inhg
    • Radio altitude readout
    • Flight director (bar/cue)
    • Flight path vector
    • Slip/skid indication
    • Vertical deviation scale/pointer (LOC only)
    • HSI (Compass only)
  • Custom Multifunctional Display including:
    • MAP mode (arc view with routing and navaids)
    • Progress display
  • Realistic Integrated Electronic Stanby System (IESS)
  • Custom EICAS display including all required system information
  • Custom digital clock
  • Custom coded Audio Control Panel (VHF1-3, NAV1-3)

Electronic Flight Bag

  • Flight planning incl. SimBrief import
  • Aircraft loading/fueling
  • Performance calculation (Manifest)
  • Control ground equipment and doors
  • Navigraph Charts Viewer
  • Comprehensive options
    • Throttle calibration
    • Aircraft settings (global)
    • Operator settings (per livery)

Other Features

  • Interactive MSFS checklist with custom cameras and highlightings
  • MCDU input via keyboard
  • Route integration into native MSFS map
  • Using native MSFS nav database
  • Pop-out screens


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Full Star
of v0.9.21+patch1 | current version is v0.9.30
The quality that was delivered here is at a very high level. Especially the cabin sounds were able to convince me strongly and seem very authentic. It is also positive to note that the flyer can represent motion vibration (like FSRealistic). The plane is not finished yet and the lack of VNAV is the biggest shortcoming. I hope that the developer will quickly deliver here. The 5th star will be awarded upon completion of the aircraft.
Review by Nico
Full Star
of v0.9.22 | current version is v0.9.30
After buying the FSS E17X, I could not stop my-self from buying the E19X.

Truly a nice airplane, but it does not have VNAV, but its not the end of the world.
It got released 6 days ago now, and there has already been 2 updates, so it is really great if you were thinking about it got released 6 days ago

There are some issues, but again not the end of the world.
Review by Jaydenito
Full Star
of v0.9.22 | current version is v0.9.30
Don't get me wrong, the plane flight model is amazing, looks amazing and the cockpit is amazing, flies amazing - yet, for a product, it has barely a good LNAV and has no VNAV at all, the plane can't operate directs as it makes you go around 30nm off where you should be, you can't see your distances to certain waypoints for descent, the FMC is barely operable and has little function to what it can do, for the price, the plane should be a more high-fidelity aircraft - however, on the good things I've seen from the devs, it should hopefully improve into a well modelled plane with VNAV and proper functions eventually, the aircraft won't receive a 5 star until it has proper systems installed.
Review by Ugo
Full Star
of v0.9.25 | current version is v0.9.30
I'm a little disappointed. I had already bought the embraer 170 which wasn't so bad. On the other hand, I was expecting this version to be more accomplished by now. For example, it's still a pain to adjust the rotary knobs on the autopilot. It takes a long time to go from 170 knots to 250 knots, not to mention the fact that if your mouse moves a little, you zoom in on the whole cockpit view. Editors should take a leaf out of the book of other aircraft that don't have this problem at all. The FMC is very, very basic, and I haven't seen any significant improvement in the last year (Embraer 170). Impossible to do a Direct to on a SID or STAR. During a STAR, the aircraft can start to change course completely at random and no longer follow the flight plan. And in terms of FPS, it leaves a lot to be desired. It seems that the shorter versions are better optimized. Finally, and this is just a detail, the lowered window covers are a bit annoying when it comes to taking the shots you want (in wingview). Otherwise, the plane looks good and sounds better than it did initially. In terms of price, I spent more than 80€ for the whole family, it's not worth it as of now.
Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v0.9.21 | current version is v0.9.30
At the initial release the price is honestly too high. It does not have VNAV or FMS speed, can't fly full STARs and can't do holdings. Due to the issue with flying a STAR i have to use heading mode to capture the ILS, otherwise the plane just randomly turns right.

Apart from these things it is a good product and i have some faith in FSS providing regular updates and delivering what their roadmap promises.

We need this type of plane in the game :)
Review by Ray
Full Star
of v0.9.30
To preface this review, I want to say that I like this product, but I would not recommend it in its current state. If you are a simmer who cares mostly about realistic operations, especially if you fly connected to an online ATC network, I would suggest looking elsewhere for a regional jet or waiting for the custom FMS update, which will hopefully improve this product considerably. I would also like to note that I am *NOT* a real-world pilot, nor have I worked with or on any Embraer aircraft in the real world.

- Model -
The model, both interior and exterior, is of an acceptable level and I do not have many complaints. It is smooth, relatively well-done and there are no noticeable low-poly areas or random sharp edges. I will note, however, that it is by no means amazing and is not at the same level of some other developers. Regardless of the latter, I don't believe the model will be an issue or dealbreaker for most virtual pilots. I would rate it 7/10.

- Textures -
The texturing on these aircraft is acceptable, however I have observed some issues. There are some noticeable areas in the flight deck which look weird and somewhat low-quality. Having said that, I believe they will be accepted by most virtual pilots as they aren't necessarily bad by any means, and they are also slightly better than certain other high-fidelity aircraft for MSFS. The exterior textures are much the same - acceptable, but with some very odd issues, especially within the paint kit, but I will elaborate on this later.

- Sounds -
The sounds are one of the main issues I have with this aircraft. Most of them sound unfiltered, muffled, low quality, not synced properly, or just generally 'weird'. The engine start-up sounds for example, do not appear to be actually synced with the state of the engine during startup, and most of the switches and controls in the flight deck have one muffled or low-quality sound effect. To elaborate on this, the flaps lever (for example) has a single audio clip, that sounds as if it was recorded on a mobile phone from 2010 - most of the controls in the flight deck have the same issue. The engine sounds have multiple audible rough and audible transitions which seem to be a common issue with other products from the same developer, and they sound as if they do not properly represent what the engines are actually doing; I was unable to notice much of a change in engine sound during approach without auto-throttle connected, and smaller changes of 10-20% didn't really seem to change the sound the engine produced. I don't know if this is accurate to the real aircraft, but I very much doubt it is and it somewhat ruins the immersion.

- Flight Model -
As with all aircraft products in all simulators, the only people who can truly comment on the realism of a flight model are real-world pilots. It is important to realise that anything I express in this section is purely my opinion and may or may not be accurate to the real-world Embraer E190-100 and E190-200.

I have spent most of my time with this product flying the E195 variant (E190-200 LR), and I believe the flight model is relatively good. The aircraft feels very docile and I did not find it difficult to get the aircraft to do what I wanted it to. However, the few complaints I have about the flight model start with the flare physics. This may be a general issue with MSFS and its physics engine, however the aircraft feels inconsistent on the flare and I have noticed both the tendency for the aircraft to float for no apparent reason, and for the aircraft to rapidly sink while on very short final. There's quite a high chance that this is my flight-simmer mindset who's got countless hours in various renditions of the Airbus A320, however it generates an uncertain feeling while on final approach - "will it float or will it sink?" with very little indication of whether or not the aircraft will do the former or the latter. [Contrail won't let me add more characters so I will submit a second review if I can].