KDEN - Denver Intl. MSFS
KDEN - Denver Intl. MSFS
KDEN - Denver Intl. MSFS
KDEN - Denver Intl. MSFS
KDEN - Denver Intl. MSFS

KDEN - Denver Intl.

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Welcome to a new generation of Flight Simulation. KDEN is one of Microsoft Flight Simulator's (2020) first addon airports.

We've taken all the latest tech and gave Denver International Airport a major makeover, with all new PBR materials, sloped runways and the absolute latest visuals which ultimately immerse you in the largest land-sized airport in the United States. 
KDEN is based off a lengthy on-site survey of the actual airport and captures all the important details of the airport, everything from the majestic Jeppesen Terminal, to the blue mustang, to the vast hills and sloped terrain which makes KDEN one of the most unique airports in the country.

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Review by Rocky Jet Project 2023-02-22
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I have been using flight bean for many many years. 2013 i believe is when i started. High quality and FPS friendly with no fidelity lost. Great prices and one of the heavy hitters in payware scenery. Loyal supporter always.
Review by Anthony 2020-08-30
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Simple but effective interior modelling in some terminals.

Love the textures.
Review by Bruskk 2022-09-02
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
As advertised, one of the BEST looking payware airports. Quality is above and beyond for its $20.00 price point.
Review by Steve 2022-08-17
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Fantastic scenery as always from Flightbeam. Just wishing Concourse C gets an update soon! It's missing a lot of the gates on the east side in the latest version.
Review by DocTrench 2023-02-22
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Excellent, looks stunning, and has good performance for an airport of its size (even with FSLTL running.) While the terminals are not currently completely up to date, the developer is currently updating them to their new layout for no extra cost, which is very nice of them.
Review by fishgoblue 2021-01-31
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
MSFS KDEN Looks amazing, until you start to taxi. If you don't take it REALLY slow you will crash due to the terrain problems that still has not been addressed. If you are thinking of getting please wait until terrain problem is fixed.
Reply by Flightbeam
This issue has been resolved in the latest update (v1.4). Thank you.
Review by Ying 2022-05-07
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Overall it's great airport. Just need some berm height correction near runway 35L and 35R. In real life, pilots on the ground always see the elevated berms around the airport.
Review by Mark 2022-11-08
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Looks good. Jeppesen Terminal is good. Hotel looks good. Blucifer proudly represented. Just waiting for the update that adds the new A, B and soon C concourse extensions. Unfortunately East B still shows as construction, and the rest of the concourse extensions aren't modeled in yet. Will we get an update?
Review by Corellian GX 2021-11-23
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I currently live in Denver and fly through KDEN frequently, I am left speechless by the attention to detail FlightBeam has put into this product. This is a comprehensive and extremely accurate rendition of KDEN, simply amazing work. No part of this massive airport is left overlooked, from the exquisite detail of the buildings, the ground clutter, the textures... simply the best!
Review by Majeed 2023-02-16
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I have known flightbeam for delivery high-quality airport sceneries and the main creator Mir is on of the primary developers behind this success. I am lucky to be on of the customers that was selected to participate in their early access of KDEN v110. The attention to detail and dedication to realism to the updated section of this scenery concours B is one of the most immersive and enjoyable MSFS 2020 airport scenery you will ever experience as flight sim enthusiasts. The developers attention to detail and dedication that reflects in this scenery is impeccable.

The work on this particular update to concourse B is evident in every aspect of flightbeam sceneries from accurate representation of concourse B layout to the realistic textures of the terminal. The lightening and shading in the scenery gives it that extra level realism, make the day and night visualization of this scenery equally stunning.

Since I have been a customer of this designer, his willingness to listen to customers feedback, making improvements and updates to his work to ensure the best possible experience for users has been beyond customer service for a one person show since I have know this customer.

Again I was grateful to be selected to participate in the early access of the KDEN v110 update. I will recommend anyone who is beyond the fence to purchase this scenery and try it out.
Review by DFWSupertrooper 2020-10-22
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
This airport is absolutely gorgeously done. The slopes are fun to navigate while taxying in smaller aircraft. The textures are simply beautiful. Of all the airports I have purchased for MSFS, this is the most recent and the best IMHO. I've been an avid FlightBeam user for years with FSX and will continue to support them in MSFS. That being said, I hope for their KIAD & KPHX to make it over soon. Phenomenal work!
Review by KPHXflyer 2022-05-24
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Has a large amount of static aircraft parked at gates that can't be removed. This is very unfortunate as this scenery is otherwise very good.
Review by Arman 2020-11-09
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
This is a great buy, cheap and high quality.
Good work from Flightbeam as always.
Review by Larry Hickerson 2020-10-08
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
First high end airport I added to P3D and followed by rest of this vendor's products. Still running great in MSFS and using a two year old Alienware Aurora R7 and a GTX1070Ti. Love the graphics.
Review by Matt 2023-02-27
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
This is an amazing airport scenery! It's my home airport and it's certainly on another scale in terms of it's size. Flightbeam did an excellent job providing this beautiful scenery and it's every bit as accurate as the real place. It's amazing as well that they continue to bring improvements to the scenery to accommodate all the various changes that have been happening in real life. It looks absolutely amazing at night, and is a pleasure to operate in and out of in the sim.