Socata TB-30 Epsilon MSFS
Socata TB-30 Epsilon MSFS
Socata TB-30 Epsilon MSFS
Socata TB-30 Epsilon MSFS

Socata TB-30 Epsilon

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Welcome in the natural continuation of the French training aircraft lineage.

After our well received Fouga Magister, we decided to create the replacement, introduced in the eighties for initial pilot training in the French Air Force.

Always committed to develop a faithfully reproduction, we had the chance this time to fly on a real TB-30 to feel the aircraft and to collect any data we needed during projet development.

Our TB-30 Epsilon is based on a civilian converted model, where every single screw you can find in the cockpit has been reproduced.

You will find a friendly and very accurate envrionment, surrounded by modern avionics that will allow you to navigate effortlessly.

The TB-30 is a versatile plane, recognized for its stability during a calm flight, but still very enjoyable and responsive as soon as you begin aerobatic manoeuvres.

  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • 4k pixels PBR textures
  • 11 liveries, including Cartouche Doré aerobatic patrol
  • Accurate flight dynamics studied during real flights and built with TB-30 pilots
  • High definition audio recorded on the real aircraft, for both exterior and interior sounds
  • Fully operational front and rear stations
  • Night flight and IFR capabilities
  • Custom avionics with dual G5 display
  • GTN 650 integration (both PMS50 and TDS versions)
  • GNC 255 radio
  • GMA 340 audio panel
  • KR 87 DME unit
  • GTX 355 transponder
  • Custom EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to manage aircraft settings
  • Fully simulated electrical system with each circuit breaker operational
  • Realistic interior and exterior lighting
  • Custom hydraulic system with simulated failures
  • Functional smoke system
  • Windshield effects
  • Reproduced front and rear canopies cinematic
  • Interactive checklists with copilot actions
  • AI compatible
  • Comprehensive flight manual downloadable via the Contrail App
  • Paintkit to download via the Contrail App

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