LGSR - Santorini Airport & Island MSFS
LGSR - Santorini Airport & Island MSFS
LGSR - Santorini Airport & Island MSFS
LGSR - Santorini Airport & Island MSFS

LGSR - Santorini Airport & Island

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Santorini (officially Thira) is a Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200km from Greek mainland. It belongs to the Cyclades group of islands, being the southernmost member of it. It covers an area of ~ 73km2.

The island was previously named Kalliste (which means the prettiest) or Strogili (meaning circular), due to its relevant initial shape, resembling a circle.

Santorini was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, which occurred approximately 3.600 years ago. The eruption created a large caldera in the middle of the circle, surrounded by volcanic ash deposits and sea. The island created in the middle is named Nea Kameni. The remaining parts of the Strogili island compose today’s landmass, which consists of the separated islands of Thira, Therasia, Palaia Kameni, Aspronisi and Christiana.

A number of Santorini’s villages are built on the edge of the 400 meters high caldera, found on the western side of the semi-circular island. This gives the island a world-renowned landscape.

The Airport

Santorini airport (IATA:JTR, ICAO:LGSR) is located at the southeastern side of the island, close to Kamari village. It is both a Civilian and Military airport, however the military activity is very little. The airport first operated in 1972.

It has a main asphalt runway (15/33) which is 7,208 feet (2,197 m) in length and (only) 30m in width. The parallel taxiway was built and marked to runway specification but is now marked and lighted as a taxiway. The airport can accommodate medium-sized jets like the Boeing 757, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 series as well as smaller aircraft such as ATR 42/72, Dash 8, AvroRJ and Fokker 70/100 on an apron that is connected to the taxiway with three intersections.

The terminal and apron were renovated and redesigned respectively in 2021 increasing the aircraft and passenger capacity of the airport. It can serve simultaneously up to nine airliners at respective parking positions.

Runway: 15/33, 7.208ft (2.197ft)
Elevation: 127ft
Coordinates: 36°24′03″N 025°28′42″E
Parking positions (airliners): 9 (1-9)
Parking positions (GA): 13 (G1, G2, S1, S2, S3, 9A, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R7, R9)

The Scenery

This Scenery covers the entire island of Santorini, including of course the airport.

Mesh Terrain
The unique mesh terrain of the whole area (Santorini, Therasia, Palia Kameni, Nea Kameni, Aspronisi, Christiana) is represented in 3m/pixel resolution, significantly enhancing the immersion of the scene.

The airport is being represented in full detail including:

  • The renovated Main Terminal building with its interior
  • The new Fire Station
  • The fuel facilities (EKO & GISSCO) in high detail
  • The new apron layout with its relevant parking positions
  • Highly detailed light poles, FOD bins, apron vehicles and other objects
  • Highly detailed airport arrivals and departures parking area
  • Custom windsocks, antennas, VOR, taxi and runway signs, taxi, and runway lights
  • Two abandoned aircraft, close to the threshold of RWY 15
  • Highly detailed military area including camouflaged shelters, buildings, contact cars and container boxes
  • St Paraskevi’s church, a small church located on the south-eastern part of the airport, just outside its perimeter
  • The whole airport area is illuminated with dynamic lights (no night textures used)
  • GSX Profile can be installed via the Contrail App

All the trees of the island have been deleted. New ones have been placed to represent more accurately the intensity and type of real-life vegetation.

Buildings – Large Villages
All the default buildings in all villages of the island have been deleted and replaced with custom ones, close to the Cycladic shape and color, including (and significantly enhancing) the four large villages built at the edge of Caldera (Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia).

The following ports of Santorini have been replaced with custom ones in the scenery:
Ammoudi port in very high detail, Armeni port, Fira port, Athinios port (the main port of Santorini) in very high detail, Vlichada port and two small ports at the volcano island (Nea Kameni).

Points of Interest
The following well-known points of interest are present in the scenery:
Oia Windmills, Fira Metropolitan Church of Ypapanti, Akrotiri Lighthouse, St John’s church and the respective hill at the eastern area of the airport.

Animations and AI vessels Traffic
A large ferry is departing and arriving Athinios port, while two smaller animated boats, travel the route from Fira to Volcano Island’s respective ports and back. The real-life cable car that connects Fira port with Fira Village is also present and animated in the scenery. Finally, small boats move all around the island (AI Traffic).


The following 3D objects have been generously provided to 29Palms for free usage.

  1. The EKO Fuel truck 3d object (model, PBR and LOD) is a FlyTampa model repainted by 29Palms to EKO colors.
  2. The BN-2 Abandoned aircraft model is by Marcel Kuhnt  and has been modified and repainted by 29Palms.
  3. PA-23 abandoned aircraft 3d model is by helijah and has been modified and repainted by 29Palms.
  4. Official GSX Profile by Anthony Eyre (Krake Textures)

Special thanks to Yiannis Dermitzakis for his valuable assistance to the development of mesh terrain and vessels AI Traffic.
Special thanks to scenery’s beta testers Marinos Klouras, Chris Makris, Elias Stassinos, Spiros Dimas, George Gatzakis (flightsim.gr) and Panos Georgotas. 

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Review by Karl
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.1
Beautiful scenery that really captures the essence of this Greek island. The airport is nicely detailed, with a basic but functional terminal interior, a fully modelled landside and a few POIs outside the perimeter fence. However the main town — as great as it is to see it included — is a little too repetitive, with only two or three truly distinct buildings. It's famous for its many blue rooftops but there seem to only be a handful present here. Furthermore, a couple of the buildings clinging to the cliffs are actually floating.

The custom ground imagery is also not the very best quality but certainly fine if you're not planning on getting up close.

If I could, I'd award 4.5 stars; but since I can't I'm loath to bring myself to offer the full five, simply because of the repetition in the island's buildings.

I'd still recommend this scenery package, however it could be outstanding with better POI variety away from the airport. What is here is beautifully done, and the night-lighting at the airport and around the island generally is very good.
Review by Hugo
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.1
29Palms managed to deliver an AMAZING airport.
The attention to details all over the airport (and the island), is amazing, they did a tremendous job, most devs would've not. The interior modelling is great, same goes for the beautiful ground textures, which are very crisp.
Can't wait for their next scenery, and BUY IT NOW ! :)
Review by thresholdx.net
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.1
29Palms is renowned for its highly accurate and immersive airports, and their new Santorini Airport & Island package lives up to this reputation. The package offers a combination of realism and immersion with numerous features. The airport is meticulously detailed and includes an entire island, complete with Greek autogen and vegetation. Priced at $19.85, it offers great value for the amount of content included. 29Palms has delivered the flight sim community the most accurate and detailed Santorini Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it truly impresses.