Airport Jetway Pro MSFS
Airport Jetway Pro MSFS
Airport Jetway Pro MSFS
Airport Jetway Pro MSFS
Airport Jetway Pro MSFS
Airport Jetway Pro MSFS
Airport Jetway Pro MSFS


Airport Jetway Pro MSFS

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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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This addon replaces the default airport jetway within Microsoft Flight Simulator with a more detailed and complex jetway that has more details, sounds, lights.

The jetway is modeled after a glass type jetway which will replace ALL MSFS default airport jetways. This addon won’t replace jetways from customized airports packages that don’t use the default jetway.

This addon does not modify the placement or location of jetways on the FS world. Where there is a default jetway, this addon would replace it.

Enhance your FS world with this extremely realistic jetway!

• Ultra-realistic modeling
• HD PBR texturing
• Advanced lighting
• Realistic sounds
• Improved animations
• LOD models that allow for great visuals at no performance cost.

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Supported Simulators
for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Contrail Desktop App

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Review by BritishAvgeek (Luke) 2021-10-29
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Really good addon significantly improving the default jetways to some rather good looking ones! The sounds are good, though the only thing I'd like to see is the bell noise being a bit less noisy (the ones at Heathrow IRL are softer beep-beep types).

Must have addon for sure to improve the look of the default airports and at a great price point too.
Review by Samuel 2021-10-21
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Very good mod! Definitely worth the money. It makes airports have a little more life to them. And the sounds are great as well. My only complaint is that it partially breaks jetways at some handcrafted airports (namely KJFK). The part that connects to the aircraft appears, but the rest of the jetway after the first "joint" -if you want to call it that- is missing. I imagine this will be fixed?

Overall, really good. Would recommend.