USA Modern Cities Vol.3 MSFS
USA Modern Cities Vol.3 MSFS
USA Modern Cities Vol.3 MSFS
USA Modern Cities Vol.3 MSFS

USA Modern Cities Vol.3

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A re-design of city area according to geographical position of objects. We bring out the best of MSFS in build photogrammetry around the city area, by fixing textures, structure, bridges, shores and added back many missing buildings and features.

The main objective of this scenery is to show MSFS's USA photogrammetry at its best, with addition of feature buildings to further enhance the simulation experience. This volume 3 includes 4 major cities in United States: Dallas, Austin, San Diego, Houston.

USA World Update installed is highly recommended!

  • Over 80 handcrafted building models in each city
  • Replaced default broken bridges with handcrafted bridges over the cities
  • Beautiful night effects
  • Most building rooftops are landable helipads
  • Compatible with other developer airport addons
  • It can be used with the photogrammetry turned off

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      Review by Robert
      Full Star
      of v1.0.0
      I rated this a 3 because I didn't have the option to do a 3.5. I'm basing this strictly on the Texas cities in this scenery, particularly Austin. I've been overall very happy with SamScene. I actually have the other two city volumes and like them a lot. So much so that this was a day one buy for me.

      However, Austin just doesn't look like it does in real life, particularly the Capitol building and the UT football stadium. The Capitol basically looks like a generic building. It looks pretty much nothing like the real thing. I'm really hoping they take a look at some photos of the Capitol and try to get it right in a future update. The dome is way off and there are statues and other adornments that are completely missing. To be sure, I didn't expect it to be an extremely detailed model, but I certainly expected more given the quality of some of the other Austin buildings.

      As far as the football stadium it's overall done pretty well except that for some odd reason there is a huge white tent on the playing field. I have no idea why it's there. I've certainly never seen a tent on the field and have been to a lot of UT games :)

      Perhaps SamScene had nothing to do with the modeling of the stadium, but from the description it seems like something they modeled so I'm mentioning it.

      Overall I'm pleased but not thrilled with this volume. I'm really hoping for some updates to tweak things and make them more realistic.