Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands MSFS
Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands MSFS
Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands MSFS
Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands MSFS

Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands

Seafront Simulations

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Welcome to Hawaii, home to the U.S. Pacific Fleet, busy working harbours and many tourist destinations. With this scenery you will find thousands of boats populating ports and marinas together with a large variety of nautical traffic travelling between and around the eight main islands. That includes many leisure boats such as sailing yachts and motor boats together with the large superyachts that are the reserve of the super-rich. You might also be lucky enough to spot one of the few nuclear-powered submarines that are on exercise near to the islands too...

Of particular note is Pearl Harbor, with its historical significance, wide array of US Navy warships and of course the USS Missouri aka 'Mighty Mo'. The US fleet is very active around the these islands.

Moving Ships with Hard Decks

This is the first of our sceneries to feature 'landable', moving US Navy, US Coast Guard and tanker vessels that you will find off the coast of most of the airports. All of the Navy vessels in this scenery can be landed on with the exception of the submarines.

Included US Navy Vessels:

  • USS Missouri (BB-63) Battleship
  • Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile (DDG) Destroyers
  • Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile (CG) Cruisers
  • Oliver Hazard Perry Class (FFG) Frigates
  • Harpers Ferry Class Dock Landing (LSD) Ships
  • Tarawa Class Amphibious Assault (LHA) Ships
  • Virginia Class (SSN) Nuclear-powered Submarines
  • USS Bowfin (SS/AGSS-287) Balao-class Submarine


    • The free Vessels Core library is required. The Contrail App will install this automatically for you.
    • Screenshots feature the Hype Performance Group H145 helicopter which is NOT included in the scenery.
    • When a ship occasionally turns it will rotate beneath a landed aircraft.
    • Moving ships continue to move when the simulator is paused/in menu.


    • Set ground wind to 3m/s (7 knots) or above for the more realistic waves and wakes.


      • PBR models
      • Navigation and Night lighting
      • Wake and Smoke VFX
      • 'Landable' moving ships!

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