YCDR - Caloundra Airport MSFS
YCDR - Caloundra Airport MSFS
YCDR - Caloundra Airport MSFS
YCDR - Caloundra Airport MSFS

YCDR - Caloundra Airport

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Caloundra Aerodrome is owned and operated by council. The site was reserved as an aircraft landing ground in 1931. Activities at the aerodrome include general aviation-related businesses, light fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

The site is approximately 145 hectares and includes two sealed runways. These are runway 05/23 and runway 12/30, which are both 795m long and 18m wide. The aerodrome is surrounded by urban development in the east, north and west. Recent approvals for Caloundra South will add urban development to the south. Approximately 40,000 take offs and landings happen at the aerodrome each year. Most of Caloundra’s air traffic is flight training, mainly helicopter flight training.

• Added physical airport markers like taxi cones and gable markers
• Additional shrubbery added and corrected autogen errors
• Added streetlights and other associated traffic and vehicles
• Replaced all OSM generated buildings and matched hangars as close as possible to real buildings
• Added Museum with aircraft and other features
• Added additional parked aircraft that match real positions
• High Definition Textures
• Additional precinct buildings and hangars modelled
• Accurate windsocks
• Enhanced runway textures and slop profile
• Improved Apron and aircraft parking areas
• Shunts Natural Trees
• Improved airport services and activity

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