Activate FSS E-Jets 170/175

Activate your FlightSim Studio AG E-Jets 170/175 on the Contrail App!

Got a serial number from Aerosoft, Simmarket or other shops? Follow these easy steps to activate your product and start flying!

Before Take-Off

If you've previously installed this product from the Marketplace or an application such as Aerosoft One, please uninstall it before proceeding!

1. Download the Contrail App

Compatible with Windows


Already have the app?

Contrail App Screenshot

2. Navigate to the Product Page

To access the product:

  1. Launch the Contrail Application.
  2. Utilize the search functionality located in the top menu.
  3. Input the product title and select the relevant result from the list.

For direct access, you can also use this link to reach the product page:

Open Product

3. Click on Activate

On the product page, select the Activate button located on the right-hand side.

4. Select Activation Method

Given that you possess a serial number for this product, select I have a Serial Number within the dialogue box.

5. Enter Your Serial Number

Input your serial number into the provided field. Validate the serial by selecting the Activate button.

A typical serial number for this product has the following format:

🎉 Checklist Completed!

Well done! Your product has been successfully activated within the Contrail App.

Choose Install to download and integrate the product into your simulator.

Once the installation concludes, launch your simulator and experience your new addition ✈️