Airbus A320ceo MSFS
Airbus A320ceo MSFS
Airbus A320ceo MSFS
Airbus A320ceo MSFS

Airbus A320ceo

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The Airbus A320 is one of the most produced airliners in the history of aviation.  Launched in 1984 and first flown in 1987 it marked the beginning of an era that till this day, with the introduction of the newest version, the A320neo continues as a highly successful commercial airliner.



This package includes over 90 liveries for real world operators.  Two engine variants, CFM and IAE engine model and the Sharklet (SL) models, with a total of 4 variants within this package.

  • Detailed aircraft interior matching each airline, with night lighting , Animated passengers, animated cabin crew in all aircraft increasing the immersion while you fly.
  • Systems and flight deck are built on the default Asobo A320neo and modified to implement additional systems such as ECAM takeoff and landing memos and other ECAM messages and pages ENG, BLEED, PRESS, ELEC, HYD, APU, COND, DOOR, WHEEL, F-CTL pages, increasing the overall functionality of the aircraft flight deck.
  • Cockpit ambience modified for all 80+ operators, having the flight deck different for each specific aircraft and specific aircraft registration..
  • Tablet that controls payload, fuel, animated passengers, cabin lights, ground service equipment (stairs etc). Weather information, Metar and normal checklists.
  • Different sets of flight decks. Older types (non SL) with a standby DDRMI and more worn. Newer types on SL aircraft with a newer feel.
  • Wing flex
  • Customized ground service equipment such as stairs, air conditioner, ground power unit, baggage loaders etc, on demand whilst on the ground with the tablet.

Version 1.1

  • IRS alignment
  • Customized Autopilot VNAV behavior. Plane now follows altitude constraints on descent.
  • Takeoff speeds, initial climb phase target speeds correction.
  • Descent and Landing speeds customization on auto throttle.
  • Navigraph implementation on the EFB.
  • Simbrief flight plan menu on the EFB.
  • New menus and enhancements on the EFB.
  • Co-pilot now has an EFB.
  • FUEL PRED page on CDU predicts estimated fuel at destination.
  • Cruise page added on ECAM.
  • Other fixes and enhancements.

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