Airbus A321neo MSFS
Airbus A321neo MSFS
Airbus A321neo MSFS
Airbus A321neo MSFS

Airbus A321neo

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Airbus A321neo The most popular of the  Airbus A320neo family, the A321 neo is the stretched fuselage variant of the A320, it can carry between 185 to 236  passengers. This aircraft shares common flight deck, systems of the A320 allowing pilots of the smaller variant to fly without further training. The A321neo known for New Engine Option has a more efficient engines, powered by the CFM LEAP and Pratt & Whitney PW1000G, allowing for 500 nautical miles more range and 15% better fuel efficiency. In this package we model a total of 4 versions of the A321 neo. The A321neo LEAP and PW. The A321neo LR LEAP and PW. All 4 having different flight characteristics, engine power, fuel capacity and maximum takeoff weight.

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