Breezer Sport MSFS
Breezer Sport MSFS
Breezer Sport MSFS
Breezer Sport MSFS

Breezer Sport


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The Breezer Sport is a two-seater ultralight aircraft using a classic aluminium construction. It is designed as a low-wing monoplane with a cruciform tailplane, side-by-side seats, retractable landing gear and landing flaps.

The Breezer Sport is powered by a Rotax 915 iS/iSC, which delivers its power via a gearbox to a Neuform two-blade variable pitch propeller.

  • Realistic and authentic interior and cockpit according to original specifications from Breezer Germany
  • Animated glass canopy for opening and closing, including handle animation
  • Intrumentation with AS3 Touch
  • Simplified RSFlight EMU for display of engine data
  • Animated kneeboard with original Breezer checklists
  • Animated tablet with additional functions:
  • Safety Pin, Pitot Cover, Canopy open/close, Baggage
  • Also implemented is a practical checklist that automatically includes all steps for starting the engine

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