CNC4 - Guelph Airpark MSFS
CNC4 - Guelph Airpark MSFS
CNC4 - Guelph Airpark MSFS
CNC4 - Guelph Airpark MSFS

CNC4 - Guelph Airpark


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According to Wikipedia, Guelph Airport is located 1.3 nautical miles northeast of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It consists of two runways, 14/32 and 06/24. Although known to residents as the "Guelph Airport" or "Guelph Airpark", it is actually an aerodrome, being registered, and not certified, by Transport Canada. The airport was founded in 1954 by aviation enthusiast Len Ariss, the aerodrome remained in the Ariss family until August 2011 when it was sold to Mr. Inglis Berry

• High fidelity, high performance models
• 4k and 8k textures
• Night lighting and emissive textures
• PBR channel rendering
• Ortho correction blending
• Correct Elevation per CFS
• Airport Lighting per CFS
• Custom ground textures
• Dynamic window rain effects
• Parking lot density per BingMaps-2021
• Accurate power line and power meter placement
• All buildings fitted with interiors
• Hand-placed fences

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