EDDM - Munich Intl. MSFS
EDDM - Munich Intl. MSFS
EDDM - Munich Intl. MSFS
EDDM - Munich Intl. MSFS
EDDM - Munich Intl. MSFS

EDDM - Munich Intl.

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Munich "Franz Josef Strauss" Airport is located 28 kilometers northeast of Munich, Germany. It is a hub for Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner airlines. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic, while it is one of the 10 busiest airports in Europe.

A custom aerial photo was used for this add-on which was customized and color-corrected for a true display while seamlessly transitioning to the default simulator landscape.

Includes animated jetways, numerous static apron vehicles and realistic dynamic lighting for a true to life experience.

• Highly detailed scenery of Munich Airport
• Custom aerial photo for the airport, elaborate retouching and color-correction for a true display
• Seamless transition to the default simulator landscape
• Terraforming to blend airport into default elevation model
• Detailed taxi, ground lines and stands according to current maps
• Taxiway bridges across the access roads
• Centerlines adapted on T1 (there will be an update for the construction site area as soon as the buildings are completed in real life)
• Extremely detailed Munich airport buildings with interiors (airside) and all additional buildings
• Complete freight area with container storage, hangars and buildings
• Animated jetways
• Many static apron vehicles
• Realistic night time dynamic lighting
• MSFS SDK materials (PBR

Note: Functional Safegates (VDGS) will be integrated as soon as there is a reliable technical solution by the MSFS SDK

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Review by Twinfinite.net 2021-04-02
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Munich Airport is certainly one of the largest and most complex add-ons of this kind released for Microsoft Flight Simulator so far, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Top-notch modeling and textures combined with superb attention to detail and good performance make this relevant German hub an absolute joy for your airliner operations.
Review by Dadriel 2022-11-26
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
This scenery is by now quite old and shows very obvious signs of being mostly a port of their P3D version of the airport. This means it has a very outdated look to it and especially at night looks terrible compared to other modern MSFS sceneries.
Review by HugoJ 2021-05-24
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Fantastic addon ! Beautiful rendition of the airport, i just likeee it !
Review by Flightsim.com 2021-03-12
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I just adore this scenery through and through! sim-wings have completely transformed Munich Airport and have recreated every aspect of the airport, exactly to how it looks and feels in real-life.

Munich serves as a massive international hub, and this scenery from sim-wings has totally done it justice with every little detail impeccably recreated.