EGPF - Glasgow Airport MSFS
EGPF - Glasgow Airport MSFS
EGPF - Glasgow Airport MSFS
EGPF - Glasgow Airport MSFS

EGPF - Glasgow Airport

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With some 30 airlines serving over 100 destinations worldwide, including Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Europe and the Gulf, Glasgow is Scotland’s principal long-haul airport as well as Scotland’s largest charter hub.
Carrying over nine million passengers per year, Glasgow Airport serves more Scottish destinations than any other airport and is a key component of Scotland’s transport infrastructure.
This gorgeous airport has been beautifully reproduced in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator for you to enjoy and includes the following features:

  • Completely modeled terminal interior with executive lounges and animated people (Lomond Lounge, Emirates Lounge, BA Lounge)
  • 3 Types of Custom Animated Jetways with dynamic hood. (2-axis jetways are calibrated for 737-800)
  • Custom Ground polygons with hundreds of markings and accurate weathering 2022 layout
  • Custom night lighting
  • PBR texturing on all objects
  • LODs and texture resolution optimized for smooth performance
  • Default ATC/AI Traffic integration
  • Parallax windows on key objects to simulate interior
  • Surroundings included, such as Holiday Inn hotels, Car Hire Village, Long Term Parking lots, Customs Hangars, Nearby Farms, Glasgow Flying Club, Leading Edge FLight Training and many others.
  • Animated Radars
  • Window Rain Effects for terminal interior
  • Highly detailed ATC tower interior
  • EGEG Glasgow Heliport Included
  • Detailed Gama Aviation Hangar
  • Static Business Jets
  • Static airliners (Toggleable option)
  • Detailed fire training centre
  • Official GSX Profile Support with Dynamic Gate Doors (Official Profile can be found on

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