E-Jets 190/195 Freighter MSFS
E-Jets 190/195 Freighter MSFS
E-Jets 190/195 Freighter MSFS
E-Jets 190/195 Freighter MSFS

E-Jets 190/195 Freighter

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Please note: If you own the E170/175 and E190/195 package already, you can claim a free copy of the freighter package here.

The E-Jets Freighter series revolutionizes air cargo, offering unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Designed to fill the gap between turboprops and larger narrowbodies, the E-Jets Freighter is perfect for replacing larger, suboptimally deployed aircraft, expanding coverage for time-sensitive deliveries.

The rightsized fleet meets the demands of fast e-commerce deliveries and decentralized operations. Operate from even smaller airports while still enjoying an exceptional range, using a variety of liveries from real-world operators that could potentially make use of this aircraft.

The package includes the E190F and E195F and is a standalone product. No other E-Jets package is required; however, they share systems across all packages.


  • Highly detailed recreation of the ERJ-190/195 Freighter (interior & exterior)
  • Detailed cargo cabin
  • Using native MSFS technologies like:
    • High resolution decals
    • Crisp and sharp liveries
    • PBR effects throughout
    • Custom icing model
    • Individual interior and exterior lighting
    • Hundreds of animations including wipers, seats, wingflex, etc.
    • Ground service docking config
    • Dynamic registration number
  • Several detailed liveries included:
    • DHL
    • FedEx
    • TNT
    • ASL Airlines
    • Swiftair
    • West Atlantic Airlines
    • Europe Airpost (White)
    • Europe Airpost (Yellow)
    • Cargoair
    • Bluebird Nordic
    • Aeronaves TSM
    • Parcelair
    • Air Incheon
    • Sideral Air Cargo
    • Nauru Airlines

Flight Dynamics

  • Correct weight & balance behavior
  • Performance in limits to the E190/E195
  • Configured by real world airline pilot


  • Custom soundpack specifically done for this product
  • Immersive cockpit feeling typical for E-Jets
  • Includes several warning and alert sounds

System Simulation

  • Systems custom coded based on real aircraft manual
    • Electrics (AC/DC)
    • APU including realistic procedures
    • Hydraulics
    • Heating / Ice Protection
    • Air Condition / Pneumatics
  • Only in the E190/195:
    • Steep approach mode
    • Head-Up display

Flight Management System

  • Detailed replica of the LOAD27 MCDU:
    • MSFS based lateral route management incl. SID/STAR
    • Performance Initialization & Data
    • Fuel Management
    • Takeoff and Landing speed calculation
    • Flight Summary
    • COM/NAV integration
    • Conversion Calculations
    • Maintenance Pages
    • Progress overview
    • Direct keyboard entry available

Autoflight System

  • Custom Flight Director implementation including TO mode
  • Automatic Yaw Damper logic
  • MAN speed mode
  • Custom tuned lateral autopilot modes (ROLL, HDG, LNAV, LOC, TRACK)
  • Custom tuned vertical autopilot modes (FPA, TO, ASEL, FLCH, ALT, VS, GS)
  • Corresponding Flight Mode Annunciators on PFD

Flight Instruments

  • Realistic Primary Flight Display (LOAD27) including:
    • Autopilot FMAs
    • V-Speeds readout
    • Low Speed Awareness tapes
    • VMO/MMO barber poles
    • Metric altitude readout
    • Trend vectors
    • BARO in hpa and inhg
    • Radio altitude readout
    • Flight director (bar/cue)
    • Flight path vector
    • Slip/skid indication
    • Vertical deviation scale/pointer (LOC only)
    • HSI (Compass only)
  • Custom Multifunctional Display including:
    • MAP mode (arc view with routing and navaids)
    • Progress display
  • Realistic Integrated Electronic Standby System (IESS)
  • Custom EICAS display including all required system information
  • Custom digital clock
  • Custom coded Audio Control Panel (VHF1-3, NAV1-3)

Electronic Flight Bag

  • Flight planning incl. SimBrief import
  • Aircraft loading/fueling
  • Performance calculation (Manifest)
  • Control ground equipment and doors
  • Navigraph Charts Viewer
  • Comprehensive options:
    • Throttle calibration
    • Aircraft settings (global)
    • Operator settings (per livery)

Other Features

  • Interactive MSFS checklist with custom cameras and highlightings
  • MCDU input via keyboard
  • Route integration into native MSFS map
  • Using native MSFS nav database
  • Pop-out screens


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