Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS
Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS
Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS
Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS

Global Vehicle Traffic

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This addon replaces the stock/default road vehicle traffic with more detailed and more realistic vehicles that are more frequently seen in the different regions of the world.

  • Replacement of road vehicle traffic with different sets for diverse parts of the world, for North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Africa.
  • Vehicles that resemble real world type of traffic
  • Compact cars, vans, buses, Trucks.
  • Different logos for many of the trucks with real world companies.
  • More realistic vehicles than the stock/default with no impact on performance.
  • The country of New Zealand couldn’t be modified.  

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Review by TomTsui
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.2
Nice one and I didn't notice any performance hit.
However, there are too much container-trucks (about 40-50%) in the traffic. A bit odd.
Hope that will be changed in next update.
Review by MGabb
of v1.0.1 | current version is v1.0.2
thanks! for your product, it adds an enjoyable city life, expecially over minor airports ... correction, everywhere !

please, is there a way to reduce ovelapping parked trucks over airports' car parking areas ?
Review by FrequentFlyer
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.2
Hats off for finally getting rid of American style trucks in Europe. This add-on is a step in the right direction but I have a few suggestion and bug reports I noticed along the way.

1. As people said before it would be nice to have more variety of car models and colors, but also more trucks with different logos and more natural looking liveries (not just a logo painted over the trailer but something looking more of an actual trailer). Right now having only DHL, MÆRSK and Amazon becomes way too repetitive.

2. I am not sure if it is possible but i'd would absolutely love to see South African taxis being added into South African traffic

1. I noticed that American trucks are still occasionally spawn in Europe.
2. Some trucks spawn stacked together with a default model over the custom model.
3. In South Africa only American style trucks are spawning, but most of the trucks in South Africa (and I am sure elsewhere in Africa) are of the flat European style.
Review by A good replacement
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.2
Agree with other comments - I think the vechiles appear to be a lot more solid and clearer than the default, but there is a LOT of trucks.
More colours would be good - red, blue etc.

One last comment - the draw distant seems ot be very short and I dont know why that is, or if its because I have never noticed it before. I can see the cars pop into view, not sure who that is (LFVR or Asobo), but have shiney new traffic has drawn attention to it.

That being said - it is nice to see some decent vechiles driving around the cities as I fly "gracefully" above.
Review by tony gard
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.2
messes with AI Pilot after pushback airplane drives into terminal and into carpark
Review by Oldmansimmer
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.2
A much improvement over generic vehicle traffic. If I were to offer any suggestions for improvement, I would say that there needs to be more colors offered for the vehicles. There needs to be more red and black colored vehicle's than just white and orange.....There may be more than white and orange, however that is the dominant color(s) that I am seeing.
Reply by LatinVFR
Thank you for your review! We will address this with the first update which will feature a greater variety of textures
Review by Stetsvros
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.2
Looked like a good idea but after running for a day or 2 noticed a definite hit on frame rate of about 2-3 even when reduced traffic levels. Also too many trucks and trucks in places where trucks would never be. Would like a refund as I don't believe it improves over the default. Yes its nice to have truck logos but not great to have trucks all over the British country side.
Review by Not much of a difference...
Full Star
of v1.0.2
Definitely disappointed in the product.
Not much of a difference.
Review by Steven Walker
of v1.0.1 | current version is v1.0.2
Very good mod to replace the standard Asobo vehicles. I have noticed some have complained about the variety of vehicles and trucks where trucks normally do not go. If it is even possible to change where the trucks run in the current MSFS SDK I am not sure if those complaining would want to pay for a mod with the extensive amount of development. I know personally from working with scenery in SDK the work you get into trying to work with the AI traffic routes. Hats off to LVFR for giving us better vehicles that do not negatively impact my system while working with the limits of MSFS SDK. Good job.
Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v1.0.2
Where's the lights? Those cars are pitch blac at night. SMall light is on the rad, but car itself lack any lights!!! Looks very stupid.