HJet HA-420 MSFS
HJet HA-420 MSFS
HJet HA-420 MSFS
HJet HA-420 MSFS

HJet HA-420

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Enjoy this state of the art entry into the VLJ (Very Light Jet) category for MSFS 2020. A culmination of a three year development journey by Marwan Gharib in which no detail has been overlooked.

Beyond the Garmin 3000 cockpit management system, users will find an array of features, improvements and personal touches that will make this aircraft impossible to step away from. With a climb out of 4,100 ft per minute, a range of over 1200 nautical miles, a cruise speed of 422 knots and landing/takeoff distances under 3,500 feet; you will soon find yourself exploring MSFS 2020 like never before.

Make this the perfect addition to your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 light business jet collection. Whether exploring the Caribbean or cruising the Alps, the eye-catching, award winning design of the H-Jet will make this a go to staple for all of your short and medium range virtual business adventures.

Please visit the FlightFX Discord community for assistance with any issues.

Detailed Systems and Functions:

  • Electrical system that reacts appropriately to different load scenarios such as requirement for load shedding, bus separation, etc
  • Fuel system that reacts automatically to fuel imbalances and switches the source tanks in correct sequences as per the real counterpart
  • Custom coded HVAC logic utilizing thermodynamic equations to model valve actuations, fan speeds, and background automated activities to reach user input target temperature set points
  • Automated hydraulic system
  • Custom built, automated anti ice system with visual icing. If in auto mode, the aircraft will automatically turn on anti icing for the needed surfaces
  • Fully automated pressurization system, with manual/auto oxygen drop mask deployment in case of pressurization failure 
  • Functioning fire panel with audio warnings and CAS messages

Unique Displays and Autopilot Functionalities:

  • Custom G3000 Touch Screen Controller (TSC) allowing user to control the aircraft lighting system, HVAC system, checklists, performance initialization, V-Speeds, exits, static elements, pax loading, cargo and fuel
  • Coupled Vertical Navigation
  • Built-in checklists
  • Custom PFD/MFD/ENGINE DISPLAY faithful to the real life counterpart
  • Custom PFD Crew Alert System (CAS) with over 130 unique messages as per the AFM
  • CSC system (cruise speed control)
  • Fully automated external lighting system handling taxi and landing situations with a TSC interface to choose between auto or manual modes
  • Controllable and dimmable internal lighting system through the TSC

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Review by Average
Full Star
of v2.1.2
VNAV seems to be a bit temperamental, and the modelling & texturing is worse than some freeware aircraft, overall I wish I hadn't spent money on it even on sale, disappointing.
Review by shawn
Full Star
of v2.0.0 | current version is v2.1.2
This jet needs a major update. It runs like crap. VNAV doesn't work properly. all audible calls are not there and it stutters like crazy. My PMDG which is WAY heaver on my system doesnt stutter once but this plane does. Why wont you update this?
Review by Nice aircraft
Full Star
of v2.1.1 | current version is v2.1.2
Unllike the other comment on here I have no performance issues with this aircraft. I had this from start and the developer has frequently updated this product. Now we have simbrief integration its an easy pleasure to fly, even manually. The systems take a bit getting used to vs. CRJ and other jets, but I guess thats the Honda way of handling.