YSBK - Bankstown Airport MSFS
YSBK - Bankstown Airport MSFS
YSBK - Bankstown Airport MSFS
YSBK - Bankstown Airport MSFS

YSBK - Bankstown Airport

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Bankstown Airport, also known as Sydney Metro Airport is Sydney’s secondary Metro Airport, located approximately 30 minutes drive from the Sydney CBD. Primarily a general aviation airport and business park located 22 km from the central business district of Sydney, Australia. The airport has three runways; the primary runway (11C/29C) is 1415m and is rated at 20 tonnes and limited at 50 tonnes MTOW.

Bankstown Airport operates 24 hours a day, with no curfew unlike Sydney’s major airport and is a major hub of Australian general aviation, is home to numerous fixed-wing and helicopter flying schools, charter operators, aircraft maintenance businesses, and private aircraft. The small passenger terminal is capable of handling up to 200 passengers per hour.

Many thanks to everyone involved!

Aerometrex, Providing Ultra High Detail Aerial Imaging for our projects.

• Full PBR Texturing
• 20,000+ Hand Placed Objects
• 100+ Custom Assets
• Over 20 Custom Helipad Spawn Locations
• Over 50 Grass and Apron Spawns Available
• Custom Taxiway Signs
• 15cm Custom Orthoimagery by Metromap (Aerometrex)
• Detailed Taxiway Markings
• Detailed UNSW Hangar + Interior
• Detailed Toll and NSW Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Base (Many Thanks to Toll Group & Ambulance NSW for their assistance )
• Realistic Ground / Apron Texturing
• Realistic Night Lighting

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Review by Markus Burkhard
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.0
This airport covers a vast area which has been covered well by custom buildings throughout. A small amount of static aircraft have been placed throughout, as well as some clutter here and there.
Unfortunately the airport feels very much lifeless with way too little things placed next to the buildings, yet still it manages to drag down FPS quite a bit.
Texturing is OK but feels a bit too sterile in many places, on the ground as well as on buildings. And some buildings should have received a bit more detail, the ATC tower for example features opaque windows only.
What you need to know is that there is an enormous car park situated right at the airport boundary on short final of runway 29. And except for the first few rows it is all kept completely flat and default without any 3D vehicles or clutter whatsoever. This kind of kills the immersion when approaching from the east. It should have been custom textured and modelled, as it's better to have only a small number of vehicles in 3D than seeing thousands of flat ones at a place being overflown low and slow.