KCRQ - McClellan-Palomar Airport MSFS
KCRQ - McClellan-Palomar Airport MSFS
KCRQ - McClellan-Palomar Airport MSFS
KCRQ - McClellan-Palomar Airport MSFS

KCRQ - McClellan-Palomar Airport

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McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad is a gateway to and from San Diego’s North County. It serves the general aviation community, corporate aircraft and commercial services.

What makes this airport so popular is its proximity to business and recreation. Major corporations and world-class resorts are just minutes from McClellan-Palomar.

Some of the finest beaches in San Diego County are close to the airport and offer surfers, swimmers and sun worshipers balmy weather and beautiful ocean waters most of the year.

McClellan-Palomar Airport for MSFS has been built from scratch using latest techniques and most recent data making it the most accurate representation to date.

• Full PBR and HD textures
• 4K textures
• Accurate building models/textures
• Static Aircraft with PBR
• Custom wig wag lights
• Custom Ground Vehicles
• Custom clutter objects
• Custom taxiway signs
• Realistic night lighting
• Highly optimized

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Review by Jack
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Scenery looks great! Runway needs to be much more sloped in the middle as it is in RW. Other than that it's perfect!
Review by Dillon
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Great scenery. My sim crashes when I choose an approach and/or runway for landing in the default flight planner.
Review by Tom Jones
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Pretty good rendition of KCRQ! The FBOs look great! The runway needs its classic dip :(