KIAD - Washington Dulles Intl.

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Welcome to Washington Dulles International Airport, the gateway from the Nation's Capitol to over 125 worldwide destinations! KIAD is one of North America's busiest airports with more than 60,000 passengers on a typical day.

This all-new version for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) is packed with upgrades and massive visual enhancements, making KIAD blend right into the next-gen environment. Months of production time were spent on creating hand-crafted PBR textures, model/texture improvements, a massive heap of clutter + vehicles and many other upgrades which makes this product a huge leap from the previous, highly-rated P3D version. Spend time with airliners at this massive 4-runway airport, or visit the friendly, highly detailed FBO area for your smaller, general aviation adventures.

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Review by Ludovic 2021-05-07
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
The Flightbeam quality is here! Very happy by my purchase, I just recommend it if you like to fly around IAD.
Review by Max Kraus (flyhalf) 2022-07-23
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Lovely scenery, as usual great work FB. I am becoming quite a fan of you guys and have a number of your products now. KIAD performs great and looks amazing. It seems that high detail no longer means low performance when things are done right.