KMIA - Miami Intl. MSFS
KMIA - Miami Intl. MSFS
KMIA - Miami Intl. MSFS
KMIA - Miami Intl. MSFS

KMIA - Miami Intl.

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Welcome to Miami, the magic city! Its airport, Miami International (KMIA), is one of the world’s busiest and most connected airports in North America. With flights to and from North America, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, it is the international gateway of the south east of the United States.
We have completely re-created Miami airport to truly immerse with the all new and amazing features of Microsoft Flight Simulator:

• Hand made and detailed ground markings and textures according to the most recent airport situation
• Realistic terminals, cargo buildings airport buildings using MSFS PBR materials.
• Realistic airport lighting.
• Taxiways, aprons, runways sloped using the native MSFS system.
• Optimized for performance to be used on most types of systems.
• Customized jetways
• Customized train animations.
• Accurate airport gate/parking to current real world airport layout.

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Review by Larry Hickerson
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.2
Fantastic. Ran this product in P3D 5.2 ALSO! Worth the $$'s. Using a two year old Alienware Aurora R7. Still cooking with an i7-8700K CPU supported by 32 GB ram and a GTX 1070 Ti. Still doing the job. No pauses and 30 FPS locked on. Will be happy when I can get rest of their products.
Review by Need updating
Full Star
of v1.1.2
This airport needs updating very old and no PAX's
Review by Robert Betancourt
of v1.0.4 | current version is v1.1.2
There's just one thing wrong with the Miami Intl. some of the taxiways to the runways don't line up and are not level so the aircraft crashes and the sim stops. And you have to start over. All of my other scenery that I have loaded in my sim works just fine I was wondering if there was an update that I need. I've looked and have not found any. So thumbs down on this Mimi Intl. scenery.
Review by MarcoG
of v1.1.1 | current version is v1.1.2
I have used KMIA an all simulators LVFR realeased it for, never disappointed once

thanks for your awesome work
Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v1.1.2
Just got this, and this add-on makes KMIA and downtown look so much better than the original version. It's a huge upgrade.

Downtown Miami at night finally has some life with this add-on, compared to desolate downtown buildings pre-addon. Enhancing downtown buildings at night is the step in the right direction as KMIA is almost perfect. I hope that LatinVFR is not done with this, because it has so much more potential.

- Give more appropriate downtown buildings night lightings and neons on the roofs. Just Google Miami skyline at night, and you'll see what I mean.
- I noticed when you are as far as Sunny Isles Beach, night downtown buildings' colors and lights fade and disappear. Make the night buildings' lighting more visible from the distance, just like FlyTampa's KLAS add-on. (Amazing add-on by the way).
- Start enhancing South Beach areas with colorful neon lighting, and its surrounding high rise buildings night lighting.
- Add lighting to floating boats, and cruise ships

Just a few suggestions, and this add-on will be exponentially better.
Review by DGG
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.2
As almost all LATINVFR products, old, outdated, bad textures, no updates. Never buy from them.
Review by EK
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.2
Given the location of the airport, this is airport is a must have. It is the gateway to Bahamas etc and you can do lots of scenic flights out of Miami. Great enhancement compared to the original stock KMIA.
Review by Donald Schlecker
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.2
Very accurate modelling and the airport is very realistic from the air. Especially with the whole city
done by FS2020. I have this airport in P3Dv5 and along with the city of Miami addon for that
platform. It is well done , but not nearly as real to life visually and to scale from the air as this. I am
a Real World Pilot and fly C-GTRQ. (Given so you can Google the call sign to see pictures). Lockheed
Martin has nailed the flight dynamics. FS2020 has the VFR scenery . Even the ORBX True Earth does
not equal the 2020 system. I strongly recommend KMIA as the adjoining city scenes make the day.
KDEN is another scenery that does the job. Especially if you like VFR flying in your sim. Happy time
in your sim...
Review by not msfs level
Full Star
of v1.1.2
definitely under msfs standards... only the price is at msfs level. LVFR need to react as another dev release a far better scenery.
Wake up guys
Review by migte
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.2
An amazing airport for an amazing price. If you fly in the Miami area often, this is totally an addon you should checkout. For the price, you definitely get what you paid for, and maybe even a little more. Also great for any virtual ATC networks as the airport mappings and layouts are almost identical to the real thing. Solid 10/10 here.