KOMA - Omaha-Eppley Airfield MSFS
KOMA - Omaha-Eppley Airfield MSFS
KOMA - Omaha-Eppley Airfield MSFS
KOMA - Omaha-Eppley Airfield MSFS

KOMA - Omaha-Eppley Airfield

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Welcome to Omaha!

Take a stopover in the Midwest! Fly in one of the lesser known regions of the United States by stopping at KOMA, or Omaha-Eppely Airfield!
This airport has recently undergone some new infrastructure changes, making it now one of the best airports out there.

It offers a wide of airlines, as well as a lot of cargo, business jet, and GA traffic!

All of OMA's approaches are unique. Offering different experiences each time you fly in! It's location right on the Missouri river makes it one of the more enjoyable Midwest airports.

• Animated passengers with full-scale interior
• 2022 Layout (Per charts)
• HD texturing with full-scale PBR mapping
• Various landmarks (such as Ameritrade Park, Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha Correction Center)
• Proper AI routing, vehicle pathing, and ATC network
• Custom taxiway signage, ember short hold lights, guard lights, high-speed centerlines, etc.
• Usage of LOD's for optimized performance

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Review by DFWSupertrooper
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v2.0.0
Guys, this is by FAR your best work! This is a well done airport and provides a great destination in the "flyover country" out of the big hubs east and west. Great quality all around from my first butter smooth autoland in the 737 and taxi into gate. nice view of nearby downtown in photogrammetry so the airport blends nicely. Keep it up.
Review by Owen K.
of v1.1.0 | current version is v2.0.0
With the new update, both landside and airside improvements are amazing. This is a great scenery and a terrific depiction of KOMA as it exists in real life. Great addon.
Review by Papa Golf
of v1.1.0 | current version is v2.0.0
This is my first Verticalsim purchase and I think I'll be buying more! I was looking for a decent sized-airport in the centre of the USA, which handles a good range of commercial, cargo and business jet traffic and KOMA fits perfectly! There is a lot of detail in this airport, the quality is good, night lighting is too. I like that there is some animation in the terminal, although the man rocking back and forward on his seat needs help!
Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v1.1.0 | current version is v2.0.0
Definitely a great airport visually. It's nice to see Verticalsim continue to improve with almost each new release. This airport is great for someone who doesn't want to fly a 5 hour cross-country flight. It's almost in the middle on the country so it's perfect for many flights.