KPAO - Palo Alto Airport MSFS
KPAO - Palo Alto Airport MSFS
KPAO - Palo Alto Airport MSFS
KPAO - Palo Alto Airport MSFS

KPAO - Palo Alto Airport

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Palo Alto Airport: The Gateway to Silicon Valley's Tech Titans!

Dive into the hub of technological innovation with the meticulously crafted Palo Alto Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this airport is your direct link to the headquarters of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and many more.

Our rendition of Palo Alto Airport goes beyond a mere digital representation. With high-resolution, PBR-textured models, the entire facility comes alive, offering a lifelike experience. Every detail, from taxiways to the terminal, has been recreated to mirror its real-world counterpart.

Take to the skies from an airport that buzzes with the energy of the world's most revolutionary companies.

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Review by Best GA North American Airport
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of v1.0.0
The level of detail of this airport is incredible. From the realistic Protective covers on that static aircrafts, ground texture, tower, static cars and accurate airport layout. If you are going to fly into this airport I highly recommend flying in with the A2A comanche. Would love to see more high detailed GA airports in NA area like even a KSQL and KHHR.