KPDX - Portland Intl. MSFS
KPDX - Portland Intl. MSFS
KPDX - Portland Intl. MSFS
KPDX - Portland Intl. MSFS
KPDX - Portland Intl. MSFS

KPDX - Portland Intl.

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Welcome to Portland International Airport, pride of the Rose City, and second busiest hub in the Pacific Northwest of the US.

KPDXHD was lovingly crafted by former Portlander Bill Womack, who took a great many of the source photos himself and spent many months hand-crafting this lovely, modern facility, which in real life was voted best in the United States several years running by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. This version has undergone a major makeover in order to take advantage of the many stunning features of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, including all-PBR materials, custom groundwork, and immersive night lighting. Now KPDX can look as good as the rest of the Pacific Northwest in the sim!

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Review by Larry H. 2020-09-29
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I had this airport with P3Dv5 and Orbx scenery. Outstanding details.
Review by RK 2022-06-30
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Seems like something broke: did a fresh install of MSFS 2020 and this bought and added this KPDX scenery, and the add-on ground textures are terrible with magenta tint and low res. Textures are also jagged along river. Everything is fine when this scenery is disabled. No word from dev's yet.
Review by Easy 5/5 as expected! 2021-08-04
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
As a big fan of Flightbeam KPDX for P3D I purchased the MSFS version and what can I say - its beautiful, detailed and runs smoothly.

Excellent job as usual Flightbeam, highly recommended product.
Review by Austin 2020-09-26
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
The airport looks amazing and the performance is very good, but I believe the ILS is not currently working (or implemented). I, along with other gamers, have found that the ILS information does not show up on the PFD in the a320. If this gets addressed, this will be one of the best payware airports to date.
Review by Sonosusto 2022-11-21
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Had this since release and although I do like it I wish there were a few improvements. Upon release, it was good and didn't need a ton of updates.
Static aircraft should be on option to remove and there are issues with performance (FPS loss) and unusual graphic/texture issues near Marine Drive.
I just feel like there are opportunities to improve the area such as the large fence surrounding the airport, the ground vehicle roads on the perimeter
The developer was notified of this via email but there has been no fix yet.
With that said, Cascade Station was nicely modeled (along with IKEA) and a few other tidbits.
Review by Jack 2021-06-30
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Really nice Airport though there is some room for improvement! For instance, no matter what I cannot get another runway to depart from other than Runway 21, no matter if I file an IFR departing from another runway or not. So, there is no way to follow active runways, even live AI know the active runways but ATC for the airport does not. Furthermore, when requesting to taxi to gates upon arrival ATC will simply tell you to taxi but not give you any taxi assignment nor a gate or parking spot! And when they give AI a taxi assignment it is never stated, though ATC keeps asking AI to respond to their last transmission.

I am still happy with the overall visual quality of the airport though, it really is a nice rendition! It would be nice to see a proper perimeter fence around the airport though, especially on the northern side next to NE Marine Drive. Also, on this northern side there are some marinas that are modeled with MSFS default photogrammetry and are quite the eyesore by comparison to this beautiful airport! Would be a nice addition to see some customization here from the Portland Sailing Center back to the Sea Scouts, Cascade Pacific Council.

Over all though this Airport in it's current state is a very accurate rendition and recommended especially if you enjoy flying around this area of the US!
Review by Harry 2022-10-24
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I'm a big fan of Flightbeam and KPDX has been one of my favorites all the time. One thing I wish, is the possibility to remove static a/c.
Review by KPHXflyer 2022-05-24
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
A fine scenery if it weren't for the fact that it has a large amount of static aircraft that can't be removed. Not suitable for online flying.
Review by Off the meter!!!! 2020-09-22
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I love how it makes the scenery look. Excellent airport to make short hops from KSEA. You want beautiful sceneries. Then you want Flightbeam.

Review by Gladson 2022-05-16
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Excelent !!! But i have problems with trees on taxiways and ramp on runway 10L-28R !! The developer can exclude this!?
Review by Decimal237 2020-09-20
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
A nice addition to MSFS. The detail and how well it blends into the MSFS world is outstanding. Another good release from Flightbeam. 5/5
Review by Richard W. 2021-05-06
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
After some hiccups getting this product to work properly with another sim I was slightly put off, but gave it a chance in spite of yet another third-party installer.

I needn't have worried, the contrail installer worked without a hitch and installed to the community directory as specified and KPDX loads up without issue. The visuals are on par with the XP11 version, which is my favorite as it integrates seamlessly with ORBX. This version does not disappoint in the visuals department, the new blast walls that feature so prominently in this release are not only there, they are there in more detail than in either of the other versions I have of this product. A solid product that promises to get even better as the developer has promised to look into some running changes at KPDX and try to implement them in this product.

A solid product and as someone who has flown in and out of the real one a few times in the last few years I can recommend it highly.
Review by Robert S. 2020-09-26
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
This scenery adds so much detail to the stock version of PDX. I am going to be a regional pilot with Horizon Air and I am looking to make things as accurate as possible in the PNW. This is a must have for anyone who frequents the Portland area.
Review by Rick Slinger 2021-05-11
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
What I like is the area and the blending into it. What could be better is the afcad. I have my AI up and running online. On other sceneries it works but KPDX has it flaws. overall good package, hope they will improve the afcad