KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport MSFS
KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport MSFS
KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport MSFS
KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport MSFS

KPWM - Portland Intl. Jetport

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Portland International Jetport (PWM, KPWM) is located in Maine, the United States, north of Boston.
Portland offers a great diversity in flights from daily airline connections to cities like Washington, New York and Chicago to Cargo operations with FedEx, but also smaller general aviation or regional routes.

This airport has grown quite significantly over the years and it is fortunately still growing. It handled nearly 2 million passengers in 2022 and to cope with this growth they completed a large terminal expansion in 2011, which is of course represented in this scenery.
More recently, the airport runways and taxiways were largely resurfaced and expanded, and is present in our rendition of this airport as well.

Portland Jetport also offers great approaches such as the Harbor Visual for Runway 29 where you fly over the river and along the Portland City waterfront and harbor.

  • Highly accurate and detailed 3D models of the Terminal exterior and interior
  • Detailed and accurate 3D models of surrounding airport buildings with high-resolution textures
  • Custom modeled, textured, and animated Jetways
  • Custom and accurate 3D Mesh for the entire airport area
  • HDR and accurate night lighting all round
  • Fully custom high-resolution ground textures and markings
  • Fully customized runway and taxiway lighting
  • Custom PBR for all textures
  • Accurate placing of ground clutter and equipment
  • Now includes the extension of taxiway Bravo, reworking of taxiway Alpha, new taxiway Hotel, updated terminal apron that includes the new de-icing pads, and finally the rehabilitation of runway 29-11.
  • This airport also comes with a fully custom GSX profile catered specifically for Portland Jetport, which is packaged into the scenery folder.

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Review by Mark
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.1
Their first airport for MSFS and it's awesome. The terminal comes with modelled interior and the performance is great. A charming regional airport in a beautiful area. I'm looking forward to their next airport, probably it will be an instant buy.
Review by DocTrench
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.0.1
I'm a Mainer and have flown out of PWM a fair amount IRL, so firstly I'm just glad to have a quality rendition of my local airport in sim. That being said, while I quite like this airport, there are issues.
Overall quite well made, good ground textures, accurate present day taxi layout etc...
The included GSX profile's pretty darn good.
Good quality terminal interior (if that's your thing)
Cargo areas and FBOs are well represented.
Groundside areas are all acceptable quality when seen from the airside.
No performance issues on my end

No custom static aircraft (which is fine for most of the GA planes, but there's a default paintscheme passenger C208 sitting on the FedEx ramp)
FedEx sign is both the wrong font and has the capitalization wrong (yes it's nitpicky, but once it was pointed out I couldn't unsee it)
The groundside of the terminal is rather bare bones (it's not a massive issue, but don't expect digital design level with custom busses or anything)
The scenery includes both the 295 and veterans memorial bridges, however it does not include the PAR railroad bridge next to the veterans memorial bridge nor does it include the (far more noticeable) bay bridge, which while it's not right next to the airport is very visible in typical melted photogrammetry fashion when on the harbor visual approach.
The airport also does not have any interior modeled for the control tower despite having a terminal interior.
The price.

To sum it up, I like this airport and am quite happy with what I got, however I feel it's a bit overpriced compared to similar quality similarly sized airports.

(also just as a note to the devs if they read this. It'd be lovely if you could add portland head light in a future update for those of us on vatsim, as it's one of the main visual reference points to start the harbor visual approach)