KSAN - San Diego Intl. MSFS
KSAN - San Diego Intl. MSFS
KSAN - San Diego Intl. MSFS
KSAN - San Diego Intl. MSFS
KSAN - San Diego Intl. MSFS

KSAN - San Diego Intl.

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San Diego, known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches is one of the most beautiful cities at the west coast of the US. Its main airport San Diego International Airport serves the metropolitan area, has flights to and from North America and Europe.

• Hand made and detailed PBR ground markings and textures according to the most recent airport situation
• Realistic terminals, cargo buildings airport buildings using MSFS PBR materials.
• Realistic airport lighting.
• Taxiways, aprons, runways sloped using the native MSFS system.
• Optimized for performance to be used on most types of systems.
• Customized jetways
• Downtown San Diego enhanced to include buildings with PBR materials and awesome realistic night lighting.
• Landable USS Midway which is an aircraft carrier turned museum. Try landing on it!

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Review by Dan 2021-02-27
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
By the time I heard of LVFR I already owned 95% of all Orbx airports and 100% of FSDT's and Fly Tampa's. LVFR quickly became my favorite with my only gripe being there wasn't enough to buy. I had Orbx's KSAN back with P3d and once I heard of LVFR and got a couple of their airports I decided to buy their KSAN. Major performance increase. This time around I bought KSAN from and only will be buying it from LVFR from that past experience. Visuals were much better in my opinion as well.

One major thing I must say is for decades people have had issues with the KSAN area (as well as other CA airports). There is a ton going on in this area and people that have their settings set for the best visuals of their hometown airport that then load up KSAN will always be shocked. FPS drop is due to the insane amount going on with the plethora of other nearby airports, air traffic, road traffic, topography, etc, etc. I'm one to try to find a balance from my local airport and these much larger hubs because I am also not one that wants to keep adjusting my settings, but it's a must in this CA area as it is in Boston, Seattle, New York and Washington D.C. Not to mention these areas are all also nearby oceans and the added settings of that along with ones settings for it just adds to FPS hit that one might rarely see if they're not flying comparable places.

Best advice I can say to anyone not understanding how little LVFR's KSAN has on FPS hit is to fly the default first with various weather and time of day and then do the same with this and you'll see little to no difference. Even improvements.

One hope I have for LVFR is more news on works in progress. I'll always happily wait for their products but money is tighter these days so if I buy one developers Kxxx then chances are that will be the only one I buy for awhile.
Review by Chris 2020-10-08
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I live in San Diego. KSAN is nicely rendered. The watercraft in the Marina are a nice touch, since they are all underwater in the default scenery. What was done to the USS Midway is appreciated since it was very underdone in the default scenery. 2 things I would ask to be improved:
1. Give us at least 1 Nimitz-class aircraft carrier in the harbor.
2. Fix the Star of India on the Embarcadero- MAJOR San Diego landmark and she is just pathetic looking in the default scenery.
Overall 4 and a half stars. :)
Review by DocTrench 2023-02-22
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
While certainly an improvement over the default, the LVFR KSAN is in desperate need of an update, whether it's taxiway bumps or weird texturing this airport shows its age, It's not terrible but it's in desperate need of bugfixing. Even if those bugs are fixed it's still very much a p3d port, and it shows.

Get it on sale
Review by Rocky jet Project 2023-02-22
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Its a great airport and truly a great add on to MSFS!
Review by SizzlingPopcorn 2020-10-07
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Rating: 95%

Lots of details. A lot of value for the price you pay! Not only does it include the airport with some interiors of the terminal, but it also includes PBR buildings in the downtown area to bring the city alive when approaching runway 27. I've had a lot of fun trying to land different planes on the USS Midway.

It would be nice to see the Navy shipyard redone in a future update, but overall, this looks great!

You can watch my full video review here -> https://youtu.be/TQ1lJBwHcFU

Review by Elevation issues 2023-01-27
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I really like the look of the scenery but I am hoping you can do something about the wobblies. I swear I saw a GSX fuel truck do a wheely.

Not exactly a flat services but lots of hills and valleys
Review by Lucas 2022-07-26
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
This airport is FAR better than MSFS 2020 default version. The terminals, buildings and surrounding area are incredibly well done. The only issue I have with the addon is the runway lights are incorrect. It is missing the green taxi centerline lights that are seen both in real life and in the MSFS 2020 version of the runway. Those taxi lights make exiting the runway much easier. I frequently fly at night and miss them.
Review by Larry Hickerson 2020-10-08
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Great product and San Diego has not looked any better. Did not have any issue with my system handling the graphics. I run the graphics at 30 FPS. No issues I can find. Using a two year old Alienware Aurora 7, i7-8700K CPU @ 3.7, 32GB Ram, Windows 10 Pro.
Review by Chito 2020-10-02
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I have a i7-7700k with 1060 6GB and only get 17 FPS at the airport. The rendering are excellent though.
Review by anonymous 2022-08-20
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Low FPS stutter on runway looking at SD skyline or looking at KSAN terminal. Also, can you add option within contrail app to remove static aircraft for people who use AI traffic. Orbx app has that config option to remove static aircraft or static jetways an use default jetways. Other than that, beautiful rendition of KSAN. thanks
Review by Matt 2020-11-24
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Live in San Diego for over 30 years. One thing I wish you'd fix, like another reviewer mentioned, is the Star of India. It sticks out like a sore thumb, and it's a MAJOR downtown landmark. Otherwise, everything looks superb!
Review by Floating lights around airport 2020-10-07
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
The scenery looks great, however there are a number of orbs or lights floating around the airport at night, within the airport grounds. In my opinion this takes away a big part of the realism. In it's current state a give this scenery a 7/10. I hope LVFR fixes this soon.