LEBL - Barcelona Intl. MSFS
LEBL - Barcelona Intl. MSFS
LEBL - Barcelona Intl. MSFS
LEBL - Barcelona Intl. MSFS
LEBL - Barcelona Intl. MSFS

LEBL - Barcelona Intl.

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Contrail App
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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Welcome to Barcelona, one of Europe's most important cities! Barcelona is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Europe. With a population of 1.6 million, it is the second most populous city in Spain and 5th in Europe. The city's airport and harbour make it one of the most well-connected gateways of the region.

• Handmade and detailed PBR ground markings and textures for Barcelona - El Prat airport, according to the most recent airport situation
• Realistic terminals, cargo buildings airport buildings using MSFS PBR materials.
• All airport terminals modeled.
• Realistic airport lighting.
• Taxiways, aprons, runways sloped using the native MSFS system.
• Optimized for performance to be used on most types of systems.
• Customized jetways
• Barcelona city landmarks, enhancing the most iconic and important buildings.
• Airport surroundings accurately represented.

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for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Review by r̴͑͝e̶̅͘d̴̓͛a̶̋̌c̵̆͑t̶̃́e̸̕̚d̴̀̌ 2021-09-18
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Pretty good, though the jetways don't exist in the sim anymore. I think the last update corrupted something, but there are just no gates. Besides that, look just like the real thing
Review by Pierre L 2021-09-02
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I love LVFR developers they update (take care) their airports often to improve them.
Review by Kevin 2023-03-01
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Very good, except that the jetways don't connect well with the pmdg b737 as they are higher than the plane. I hope it will be solved.
Review by MechanicalMadness 2021-08-31
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
What a great buy for the price amazing airport, just spent an hour walking around it in VR great job!
Review by Paulo Guerra 2021-09-11
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Fantastic level of detail, really gives you the feeling of being there !
Review by HugoJ 2021-05-24
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Nice ! Buy it if you don't, it's very good !
Review by MIGUEL FS2020 2021-01-20
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Review by Great detail and look and feel 2021-06-08
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Very happy with this addon. Great amount of detail and taxiing on the airport certainly creates a very realistic impression. Very impressed.
Review by Lawrence H. 2021-02-08
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Absolutely a must for me. It sparkles.
Review by Oriol 2020-11-17
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Very impressed with all the details of the airport and the city as well. At this moment, the taxiway edge lights are not working (the blue ones), so it's something that must be fixed. Apart from that, very nice job.
Review by Èric 2021-01-29
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Gràcies. Moltes gràcies per la gran feina feta, quin goig poder volar des de casa o cap a casa amb aquest escenari. Felicitats.

Benvinguts a Catalunya.