LFRS - Nantes Atlantique Intl. MSFS
LFRS - Nantes Atlantique Intl. MSFS
LFRS - Nantes Atlantique Intl. MSFS
LFRS - Nantes Atlantique Intl. MSFS
LFRS - Nantes Atlantique Intl. MSFS

LFRS - Nantes Atlantique Intl.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Nantes Atlantique is a busy international airport serving the city of Nantes, in the "Pays de la Loire" region, western France. The airport is linked to many European and North African cities, and the domestic network is extensive, allowing for a nice selection of flights to chose from. And if you prefer using your general aviation aircraft, enjoy a nice VFR flight over the famous La Baule bay, the city of St-Nazaire or the salt marshes of Batz-sur-mer.

• Extensive use of PBR materials
• Sloped ground
• Animated jetways
• Detailed airport buildings, including the derelict Chateau Bougon
• Airbus factories and industrial area
• 3D passengers in the terminal
• Realistic night lighting
• Custom clutter objects
• Custom taxiway signs
• The Cheviré bridge
• Highly optimized for a smooth experience

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for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Review by Malo 2022-06-26
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Hello, this is a great scenery, like at all time ! But there is an issue with the jetway animation.
Review by Laurent 2021-01-13
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I live nearby and work for this airport. Definitely the scene is close to reality : a great job ! Hope in a close future some update will appear as the actual airport changed a bit over the past 2 years with new ground markings, parking and buildings.
Review by stephane 2021-01-27
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
on lfpo and lfrs I contrast pink colored demarcations on the grass around the taxiways.
I do a reinstallation and it's always the same.
thank you in advance.
Reply by JetStream Designs
Please contact us directly about this issue
Review by crash during flight lfrs 2021-01-13
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
hello I noticed a crash at the level of this scenery, suddenly I had to empty my whole community folder to see where the problem was so it's with this scenery I believe. Thanks if you can help me
Reply by JetStream Designs
Please contact us directly about this issue
Review by Paul 2020-12-05
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
The quality of the work done here is amazing. The airport is really accurate and looks perfect if we compare it to the real airport !

Keep up the work !
Review by Joao 2022-07-15
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Fantastic scenery. Highly detailed with beautiful texturing. Love flying to and from Nantes.
Highly recommended.
Review by Georgios 2020-10-17
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
I'm so impressed with this high level scenery. I definitely recomend it to every sim lover
Review by FlySaab340B 2022-09-15
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Since the last update (version 1.2.2.) you cannot activate the static aircrafts anymore. I re-install the content but with no success
Reply by Contrail
Thank you for reporting this bug! The issue has been fixed with the latest release v1.2.3 of LFRS - Nantes
Review by HugoJ 2021-04-25
for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Very nice scenery, love the attention to details put it this, and all the surrounding area. I Just miss some static vehicules/aircraft (even if there is some), to make the airport more living ! Well done !