LGMK - Mykonos Airport MSFS
LGMK - Mykonos Airport MSFS
LGMK - Mykonos Airport MSFS
LGMK - Mykonos Airport MSFS

LGMK - Mykonos Airport

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Mykonos Airport (IATA: JMK, ICAO: LGMK) is the international airport of the Greek island of Mykonos.
It is located 4 kilometers southeast from the town of Mykonos at a 405ft elevation. It serves flights to domestic and European metropolitan destinations due to the island being a popular leisure destination.

The airport first operated in 1971. It nowadays has a single runway designated 16-34 which is connected to the apron via two small taxiways, so backtrack is needed for every departure and landing.

The apron has been redesigned in 2020 to hold seven (7) parking positions, all of them requiring a pushback procedure. A renovated Terminal and a brand-new Fire station have been completed and delivered in May 2021.

Mykonos airport is equipped with and NDB (FREQ:401) a VOR (FREQ:110.00) navaid and has several instrument procedures (recently including RNAV).

Mykonos island is called “the island of winds”. Most days of the year strong gusting winds (usually from North/Northeast) blow at the island and the airport vicinity. Those winds along with the short runway length (6.244ft) and the hills around it make the landing a challenging procedure!

• Version 2.0 featuring the new terminal, fire station and current airport layout
• Detailed representation of the terraforming of the airport’s surrounding area
• Sloped runway
• High-detailed 3d objects, buildings and ground textures
• Animated apron vehicles
• Custom animated windsocks
• Detailed representation of the airport’s parking area.
• High detailed apron including the new airport’s layout lines and signs.
• High detailed night lighting most of it being “physical” (dynamic lighting)
• Fully custom taxiway, runway, reil and tower beacon lights. All the lights have been designed from scratch with custom 3d objects. Moreover, the intensity and color of their glow has been trimmed so that the outcome is much less intense and much closer to the real airport
• Custom Hazard beacon lights at airport’s surrounding area (on top of the surrounding hills)
• Custom boats and ships at the island’s port
• Three existing heliports are present in the scenery:
- Army’s Heliport at the east of the airport
- Marina’s Heliport close to Ornos beach
- Superior Air heliport close to Kalo Livadi beach
• Three characteristic landmarks have been added to the scenery:
- Windmills at Mykonos town
- Broken windmill at the south of the airport (close to the terminal)
- A lighthouse at the north of the island

Developed by Emmanuel Stefanakis and Lars Pinkenburg

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Review by Georgios
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v2.0.1
I'm really so impressed as always, so realistic, Thank you!
Review by Hugo
Full Star
of v2.0.1
If you like challenging approaches, and small airports that looks amazing, Mykonos is the place to be !
Beautiful rendition of the airport, with amazing attention to details all over the coast, the airport and surroundings. Go buy it & discover LGMK !