LLBG - Ben Gurion Airport MSFS
LLBG - Ben Gurion Airport MSFS
LLBG - Ben Gurion Airport MSFS
LLBG - Ben Gurion Airport MSFS

LLBG - Ben Gurion Airport

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Ben Gurion International Airport (IATA: TLV, ICAO: LLBG) (commonly known by its Hebrew acronym as Natbag) is the largest airport in Israel. It is said to be the world's most secure airport.

The original layout of the airfield as designed in the 1930s included four intersecting 800 m runways. However, none of this original layout is visible nowadays since as usage increased and aircraft types and needs changed over the years various runways on the airport's premises were built and removed.

The scenery of Ben Gurion Airport offers accurate depictions of the terminals 1 and 3 as well as dynamic lighting and high-resolution, photorealistic ground texture. A custom animated jetway system for all gates additionally brings the airport to life.

• Accurate Terminal 3 and the old Terminal 1 buildings, concourse, hangars, towers, and airport layout
• Full Dynamic Lighting
• Custom animated jetway system for all gates
• Custom runway and apron/tarmac textures
• High resolution (20cm pixel) photoreal seasonal ground textures
• Color-corrected ground textures to reflect real-world topography colors
• Static airplane on apron (old EL AL 777)
• Fully optimized for smooth simulation experience

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Review by PMJR
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.2.6
Airport itself is very well done inc ground parking textures, airport terminals etc - scenery is let down by flat textures around the airport - flat car textures in the car parks next to default car parks with 3D cars, large swathes of areas around the airport with missing autogen (buildings and trees) and so the scenery does not blend well into the default landscape.