LTFG - Gazipasa-Alanya Airport MSFS
LTFG - Gazipasa-Alanya Airport MSFS
LTFG - Gazipasa-Alanya Airport MSFS
LTFG - Gazipasa-Alanya Airport MSFS

LTFG - Gazipasa-Alanya Airport

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Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport (IATA: GZP, ICAO: LTFG) is an airport in service in the Gazipaşa, Anamur, Alanya, and Side areas of the Antalya Province in Turkey. The airport opened for domestic flights in July 2010 with daily flights from Istanbul with Borajet. International flights began in the 2011 holiday season, with flights from Amsterdam. The new airport is only 30 minutes by road from Alanya compared to a travel time of two hours between Alanya and Antalya Airport, which was previously the nearest airport, 120 km away. It has been operated by TAV Airports since 2008. 

It is the first airport in Turkiye with a highway passing under it. The most detailed terraforming work has been done for the MSFS version ever. The airport square is surrounded by mountains. It is possible to land on runway 08 from the sea shore with Localizer. Gazipasa-Alanya Airport, at an elevation of 126 ft (38 m), has a 7700 ft (2347 m) long concrete and asphalt runway in the direction of 08/26 (077°/257°). The land has been reshaped. 

In addition to international flights such as Oslo, Stockholm-Arlanda, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tehran, Amsterdam, Tallinn, Vilnius, Belgrade and Baku, there are scheduled domestic flights from Ankara and Istanbul.

• Gazipasa-Alanya Airport Terminal Model
• Custom ATC Tower
• It includes intensive terraforming work.
• Accurate runway and apron slope
• Many Airport Buildings
• Highly Detailed Textures, Physically Based Rendering (PBR), Reflective and Realistic Textures
• Realistic and Highly Detailed Representation of the Airport
• Realistic Runway and Taxiway Markings
• A lot of custom objects, models and details for the environment

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