LXGB - Gibraltar MSFS
LXGB - Gibraltar MSFS
LXGB - Gibraltar MSFS
LXGB - Gibraltar MSFS

LXGB - Gibraltar

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Note: This product is NOT compatible with SamScene3D Gibraltar Scenic Life. Please uninstall the default Asobo Gibraltar Airport before using this product.

Gibraltar Airport (LXGB)
, is an international airport opened in 1939, it is the main airport in Gibraltar, In 2017, the airport handled 571,184 passengers and 302,094 kg of cargo on 4,888 total flights. Winston Churchill Avenue (the main road heading towards the land border with Spain) intersects the airport runway, and consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs.

RDPresets have created a very highly detail version of Gibraltar International Airport and the surrounding area with all of the latest technologies when it comes to 3D modelling and scenery development. We have focused on great performance together with very high detail including an interior and custom ground and building modeling covering the whole airport including landside. Including a working car crossing which automatically closes and opens based on aircraft activity.

• Completely custom modelling and texturing with PBR textures on the whole airport.
• Full Custom 3D Interior including 3D Passengers
• More than 1000+ clutter objects on the apron and surrounding areas
• Realistic and functioning runway crossing, Cars stop when turning on/off the strobe light (Please read the README file for more information)
• Custom ground textures, faithfully recreating the asphalt differences like reality.
• Performance optimizations.
• Accurate night lighting.
• Custom taxiway signage.
• Ground traffic.
• 20+ Animations to make the airport feel alive
• And many more.

The History Channel program Most Extreme Airports ranked the airport the fifth most extreme airport in the world. It is exposed to strong cross winds around the rock and across the Bay of Gibraltar, making landings in winter particularly challenging.

As of 2021 EasyJet is the largest airline operator using the A32X Family, with the airport also being served by British Airways also using the A32X Family.

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Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v1.1.1
As the other poster notes the rock is weird? Nice detail and scenery, but I have stopped purchasing RD airports for now as everyone of theirs I have causes stutters. I have emailed about several, worse been Stuttgart which is unflyable but no response so I shall vote with my feet until they improve the optimisation if others can do it why not RD. Inbuilds LAX and Heathrow are smooth for me do its not my system...
Review by Robert
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.1
Let's just get this out of the way right up front: The Rock is not well modeled based on its real-life counterpart. It sort of looks like the rock monster in Galaxy Quest. There, I said it. It's done. Let's move on.

OK, maybe just a few more words. RDPresets have said they just couldn't model it properly based on the limitations of the SDK. I believe them. Their scenery has been top-shelf stuff and I'm not sure why they would have THE prominent feature of this entire place modeled the way they did on purpose. It would be ludicrous to do so. Therefore I shall give them the benefit of the doubt here and hope that it can be improved in a later point release.

NOW I'm done and I really am moving on.

The rest of the airport and surrounding area is awesome. It's not 1-1 on everything. Some signage and building colors aren't exactly the same as the images I've seen of the area, but I really don't care. The layout of everything is perfect and the airport modeling is extremely good. There is plenty of good interior modeling, nice clutter around the airport and even the landside areas have been given a good shine; no just letting the photo scenery just be enough. Parking garages, roads, etc. have all been taken care of and look great.

The road intersecting the runway is also well modeled. although the cars, busses, etc. will sometimes sink into the ground, which is a bit of an immersion killer. I'm not sure if it's an RDPresets issue or a rendering issue with MSFS, but either way it doesn't look great.

The airport and surrounding environs don't suffer in the evening, however. Everything is lit really well and just FEELS right. The light towers put out light the way I would expect and are placed well, which is all I can ask.

This was a day one purchase for me and I don't regret it, despite The Rock issue and the sinking cars I mentioned earlier. The rest of it is just so well done that I can live with the rest, especially since I know RDPresets will keep iterating on the airport in future updates. This one gets a 4.5 from me.