NZWN - Wellington Intl. MSFS
NZWN - Wellington Intl. MSFS
NZWN - Wellington Intl. MSFS
NZWN - Wellington Intl. MSFS

NZWN - Wellington Intl.

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Kia Ora and welcome to Wellington International Airport, the capital of New Zealand, right in the heart of the country.

Wellington Airport is situated in a stunning, picturesque setting surrounded by hills and water in one of the most scenic countries in the world. A true challenge to fly into with active weather, upon landing you're rewarded with a stunning high quality scenery with details from hand-painted tarmac objects to painstakingly detailed ground layers to give you the most immersive experience to date. NZWN was crafted internally at Flightbeam using years of previous experience in AAA titles, bringing you advanced optimization techniques for smooth performance across a wide array of machines and cutting edge visuals created by the latest SDK features, plus some of our own secret-sauce proprietary techniques.

• Latest real-world (2022) taxiway layouts and newest construction included
• Extensive, highly detailed and realistic 4096x4096 textures
• Detailed Flightbeam Gen-5 dynamic jetways with latest advertisements
• Multi-layered, realistic hand-painted ground textures with PBR and custom decals
• Includes immediate surrounding details and POIs of the airport
• Includes custom static aircraft found at the real world airport
• Key interior areas modeled in the terminal
• All new animated inset and elevated runway guard lights
• Custom, truly directional taxiway lights
• Dense amount of custom tarmac objects, modeled after actual objects from airport
• Extensive custom terraformed elevation, properly depicting runway slope and unique NZWN terrain aspects
• Custom water mask and detailed sat imagery, hand corrected and painted.
• Numerous custom photogrammetry models, including shoreline rocks and Moa Point end rocks.

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Review by KiwiiNZ
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.0
Awesome airport, i live in wellington and it looks amazing good job!!!!!
Review by HugoJ
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.1.0
This airport is just AMAZING ! Looks really really rally great, super-detailed, FPS FRIENDLY... You HAVE to buy it !