Cheat River Island MSFS
Cheat River Island MSFS
Cheat River Island MSFS
Cheat River Island MSFS

Cheat River Island

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An island strip located off the Cheat River in West Virginia. 

Nestled amidst the Allegheny Mountains and home to seasonal Cheat River Fly-Ins. This isn't your average airstrip—it's perched on a river island, and getting there is a pilot's thrill ride. Oh, and watch out for fog and tricky weather, but that's all part of the adventure, right!?

When you're not up in the air, you can camp out, chill by the Cheat River, go cruising in a UTV, or try an adrenaline-pumping zipline. It's back-to-basics here, so expect basic amenities and forget about good cell service.

Experience the beauty of West Virginia's undulating landscape, which bursts with vibrant colors during the fall season. Cheat River Island is more than just an airstrip; it's the perfect place for camping with the versatile //42 Campout Utility or embarking on a leisurely cruise in your //42 Juice Goose UTV.

** Fall colors by REX Accuseason

  • Runways: 1x 1704ft, long, grass strip, well maintained
  • Helipads: 1x grass, no maintenance
  • Permitted Aircraft: Pilot’s choice of aircraft, piston power is probably best; helicopters OK, bear in mind the terrain.
  • Approach Considerations: All landings are done on runway 30, and all departures are done on runway 12. Steep downhill slope at the Northwest end.
  • Approach Cautions: Drone on final, and watch for turkey on the runway.
  • Runway Lighting: N/A
  • Windsock: Yes
  • Parking: Plenty
  • Amenities: ATV/UTV trail, dedicated camping areas, fishing, zipline.
  • Trails: UTV trail loops up to the main road. Ideal for the //42 Juice Goose.
  • Services: Restroom (outhouse), no drinking water, no weather info, no lights, no fuel. Cell service limited.
  • Objects on or near the runway contain collision boxes.
  • The bucket markers at the end of the runway contain collision boxes.
  • Challenging non-direct approach.
  • Custom terraforming to better resemble the region as it is IRL.
  • Custom 3D library of on-ground assets.
  • Micro-scene at the local bar.
  • Micro-scene at a nearby lake
  • 6+ miles of road optimized for Juice Goose driving.
  • Animated Turkey event with sound.
  • Animated Lawnmower event with sound.
  • Animated Zipline event with sound.
  • Animated Tractor Hay Ride event with sound.
  • Perfect stop on West Virginia Backcountry bush trip adventures.
  • A scenic area surrounded by hills, rivers, sandbars & valleys.
  • Includes Bonus Airstrip in the vicinity, no ICAO.
  • Can you find the bear?

Approach Notes

  • As you initiate the 2nm Final, you will begin to fly down and eventually into the valley. As you do, keep the river to your left and stay reasonably (and safely) tight to the mountain on the right.
  • Approximately .5nm out, you will be flying a heading of 350
  • Abeam the bridge, runway 30 will come into view with a white threshold marking. Continue flying 350 and make a COORDINATED Left 45-degree turn to come over the river and land.
  • From the North: Fly left Downwind above the ridge (not in the river valley)
  • From the East: Overfly the field, then turn onto Left Downwind above the ridge (not in the river valley)
  • From the South: Fly left Upwind until abeam the field, turn left Crosswind, then turn onto left Downwind above the ridge (not in the river valley)
  • From the West: Use 45-degree entry to Left Downwind above the ridge (not in the river valley)

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