Juice Goose UTV MSFS
Juice Goose UTV MSFS
Juice Goose UTV MSFS
Juice Goose UTV MSFS

Juice Goose UTV

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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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An electric off-road Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) & Scene 42GB Goose Bowl

Designed to tackle a variety of challenging environments, such as rugged terrains, sandy dunes, and remote backcountry trails. The Juice Goose comes in 3 motor variants to cater to your driving style, 13 liveries, and optional vehicle accessories. The package also includes a custom //42 scene at 42GB Goose Bowl, which is a real-world playground for off-road vehicles and 12 terrain-optimized off-road playgrounds.

Juice Goose features Cruise Control, All-Wheel Drive, and Rear-Wheel Drive at the flip of a switch, as well as a Climb Assist mode to tackle steep gradients. Dynamic Steering offers safe control in high-speed turns but can be disengaged for the drifters out there.

This vehicle is a great way to enjoy other products, such as Campout Utility, Sunset Strip, Cedar Mountain or Hogsback Ranch.

  • Endless good times solo or in multiplayer
  • 3 motor hp variants, each with its own driving style (Crawler/Touring/Speedster)
  • Optimized for Xbox Controllers
  • Industry-standard drive control mapping, Forza Horizon style.
  • Cruise Control, so your trigger finger can rest
  • Accurate ATV/UTV driving model & Study level suspension.
  • Customizable License Plate uses your “Tail Number”
  • Inflatable “Otto” Copilot
  • Removable vehicle options including roof, doors, windscreen, and more
  • Multiplayer synced removable vehicle options for ultimate personalization
  • Built-in portable radio provides a curated selection of driving tracks to get you goosin’
  • PC players can customize radio station audio file
  • Included 42GB Goose Bowl Scene provides a playground for Juice Goose adventures.
  • 42GB includes ramps, jumps, beachfront racing, and the best dunes in Oregon.
  • 42GB includes custom 3D objects, sounds & animations to provide an immersive dunes experience
  • Explore! dune spots customized by //42 to correct ground type properties.
  • Explore! functionality in dash UI providing teleportation to the world's best dune spots


  • High fidelity 3D Model & textures
  • 13 liveries covering a rainbow of colors from light to dark and base (White) livery included for livery artists.
  • Custom ground visual effects such as dirt, sand, tire smoke & more.
  • Spectacular wrecks and tumbles!


  • Automatic vehicle reset when flipped
  • Custom tire friction model & Climb Assist mode to overcome steep climbs
  • RWD/AWD switcher accurately simulates drivetrain change
  • Electronic parking brake keeps you anchored regardless of terrain
  • Custom Dashboard Instrument Cluster UI
  • Instrument Cluster adapts to external environment Lighting
  • Instrument Cluster provides all vehicle customization options
  • OBD style data streams in the dash include suspension compression, motor/battery temps & more.
  • Wwise Soundset by Echo19 includes completely custom tire/road surface sounds, interior, exterior, motor, capacitor, heating/cooling system, and more!
  • Custom Whips, door, cup & license plate animations affected by momentum shifts
  • Custom gyroscopic cup holder to keep your drink safe


  • 169 possible lighting combinations between whips & underglow!
  • Multiplayer light syncing for ultimate personalization
  • Colorful & bright LED night lighting for evening cruises
  • 5000k Projector HID Headlights with proper cut-off & 3000k yellow Foglights for inclement weather
  • Custom roof rack Floodlights to illuminate dark trails

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for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Contrail App

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Easy Controls

Drives like you would expect.

The standard has been set by countless titles featuring drivable vehicles. Your experience will be no different in the Juice Goose. Right trigger for throttle, joystick for steering, and even active cruise control for your longer sessions! Need more control?

3 Variants

There is one made for you.

All 3 vehicles have the following optional accessories available, along with 12 colorful liveries each: Windshield, Doors, Front guard, Fog lights, Roof, Roof mounted Floodlights, LED Whips, Inflatable Otto “Copilot”

Along with these optional accessories, there are 13 custom lighting options for the whips and underglow for a total of 169 lighting setups! Yep, and all of this shows in multiplayer; let the night cruises begin!

141 Crawler

141hp, 82 mph (132 km/h)

Equipped with a robust 141hp motor designed for a precise ride as you navigate rocky trails at a slower speed. 

242 Touring

242hp, 109 mph (176 km/h)

Ideal for those seeking more performance while overcoming obstacles with ease, the Touring model offers a respectable 242hp, a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

500 Speedster

500hp, 140 mph (226 km/h)

With 500hp at your disposal, it's the ultimate for thrill seekers as you race across the dunes and beaches. This one is for the performance drivers & drifters!


1 Playground, 12 Locations

Explore! - A feature built into the dashboard allows you to explore 12 of the world's top UTV spots; these have been optimized by //42 to correct ground type and, in some cases, adjust auto-gen.

Our award-winning scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. These are automatically installed with your purchase,

Goose Bowl


Located in the Oregon Dunes on the west coast of the USA, Goose Bowl is a UTV Playground with legendary dunes, beaches, jumps, and ramps!