Pilatus PC-12 Legacy MSFS
Pilatus PC-12 Legacy MSFS
Pilatus PC-12 Legacy MSFS
Pilatus PC-12 Legacy MSFS

Pilatus PC-12 Legacy

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SimWorks Studios

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Microsoft Flight Simulator
SimWorks Studios
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SimWorks Studios

Aiming to be the most detailed simulation of the fabled PC-12 to date, the SWS team have put together their most advanced turboprop aircraft yet. Featuring a highly detailed model, authentic sounds, custom avionics and smooth handling, this is the aircraft to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Powered by a 1200hp engine and a 4 or 5-bladed propeller, the PC-12 can easily operate out of short, unprepared strips as well as paved runways, while Its superb engineering ensures a smooth flight even in adverse weather conditions. Versatile by design, the PC-12 can be configured for use an executive transport, commuter, cargo carrier or even air ambulance.

Developed with the help of Pilatus Aircraft and Fly7 Executive Aviation, the SWS PC-12/47 aspires to be our best and most varied turboprop rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date!


The SWS PC-12 utilises the best techniques available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, delivering exceptional detail while retaining good performance.

  • High quality model of the aircraft’s exterior with many custom animations:
    • 4 and 5-bladed propeller
    • Trailing link landing gear
    • Nose wheel steering with free castering
    • Engine bypass flap and springs (connecting to landing gear)
    • Custom flap and actuator animations
    • Trim tabs
    • Animated de-icing boots
    • Prop beta/reverse
    • Propeller vortices
    • Preflight: engine cowling, fuel filter compartment, tail compartment
    • Horizontal stabilator trim
    • Covers with strips reacting to wind speed, direction and inclined parking
  • High quality cockpit interior modelling using detail textures to retain detail while reducing texture size. Numerous custom animations, including:
    • Stick shaker & pusher
    • Sun visors
    • Sun shade
    • Gust lock
    • Armrests
    • Movable lights and AC vents
  • Three different cabin configurations with -again- many custom animations:
    • Exits
    • Window shades
    • Tray tables (executive cabin)
    • Seat armrests and tilting
    • Toilet door, light, flushing  (executive cabin)
    • Drawers -gravity affected  (executive cabin)
    • Passengers & luggage (executive and commuter cabin)
    • Cargo crates (cargo cabin)
    • Operator-specific items
  • Custom liveries from the fleets of Fly7 and Tradewind, including authentic interiors
  • Two custom, SWS-created liveries
  • White livery for repainters

Flight Model

  • Realistic flight model created by the developers after experiencing the real aircraft and training in the PC-12 simulators.
  • Verified with the help of real PC-12 pilots in the testing team.
  • Realistic engine: performance, beta, ITT and other parameters were created as closely as MSFS allows.

Aircraft Systems & Avionics

Many custom systems were created to ensure an authentic experience, while also featuring the first fully custom avionics created by our team. Some of the custom systems modelled:

  • EFIS50
  • Engine Instrument System
  • Thommen DC20 Chronometer
  • Aileron-rudder interconnect
  • Custom yaw damper
  • Stick shaker & pusher
  • Environmental Control System
  • Cabin Pressure Control System
  • Ready for Integration with PMS50 and TDS GTN Systems (sold separately)
  • Full interior and exterior lighting


The SWS PC-12 comes with a rich soundset, containing more than 2800 authentic sounds recorded from multiple real aircraft! The sounds feature:

  • Different sounds for 4 and 5-bladed propellers
  • Authentic engine sounds
  • Gear & flap actuators
  • Aural warnings and avionic sounds
  • Audible switches, levers, doors, windows - if it moves, it can be heard!
  • Many ambient sounds


  • PDF manual included in add-on folder and as separate download

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Review by Seatback Pocket
Full Star
of v1.0.5 | current version is v1.2.6
After a year plus delay from the original anticipated release window, I've struggled to understand why the December 6th date got set with a product that clearly had some obvious release issues. The fidelity of the product and attention to detail as a real-world to in-sim representation of this aircraft is exceptional. The post release support strategy that so many developers get sucked into, because they don't have support staff, is to funnel people to community powered Discord servers. It was obvious within a few hours of release that new operators were going to be struggling with takeoff & landings given the unique nature of this aircraft operates. Instead it was a proper pile on of "RTFM" followed up by, "The manual is wrong I didn't get to proofread it."

Crowd-sourced, volunteer, real-world operators who have validated performance and representation of the aircraft is beyond appreciated as a customer; especially when other developers claim such things and the aircraft is void of all real world performance. This time, this failed the developer as it devolved into name calling, patronizing, arguing, and arrogant dismissal (on both sides).

FAQs, quick tutorial videos, or other real-time media content purposefully curated to show how particularly tricky aspect of the aircraft behave would have avoided 85% of the arguing in the first week. Especially when the overwhelming majority of customers aren't PC-12 pilots, and have a lot of experience flying incorrectly modeled PC-12s.

While SWS has done a good job of recovering from a rocky release in which the TDS GTN add-on appears to have not been tested or not thoroughly tested, I can't help but wonder if another week in the pre-release touch up phase could have made for a much better release for post-sales support.

This feels in many ways like a rushed release to give the team a few weeks of post-release support/patch work before the holidays and as a casual flight simulation enthusiast another "few weeks" wouldn't have been the end of the world.

I might not have any real world PC-12 operator experience, but with decades of release management and support, this one has gone back in the hangar for SWS to get it sorted in the hopes that next time they can focus on the post-sales support experience as much as the in-sim experience.

Running the latest version as of time of review.
Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.2.6
My best non-airliner purchase to date
Review by HighBlueSkies
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.2.6
I rarely use the word masterpiece to describe something, but this is one. The best work so far from SimWorkStudios. I love their Kodiak, but this is by far way better. This is a beautiful aircraft which shows an extreme amount of work from the developers. The cockpit is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in a simulator and my favorite part of the model. It looks amazing, not new and not extremely used but with scratches on surfaces like the ones you found on a real aircraft. Some developers tend to give us brand new cockpit or really used ones, this one is just perfect. The lighting is magnificent, the instrument glass reflections are some of the bests I've seen. The implementation of the GTN 750 and 650 makes it a whole lot of fun and easier to input flight plans. I'm not a fan of the default GPS and having the ability to use the GTNs contributed to my purchase. Everything works in the cockpit the way it should, at least from what I have tested in the two days I have owned the aircraft. The sound set outside is great, I've seen this aircraft plenty of times and it sounds like the real thing. Inside the cockpit I believe it's too quiet, but I've never been inside a PC-12 one.

The flight model is great and requires some time to get used to, not paying attention to what you are doing could make this plane get away from you in a hurry. I have not flown this plane in real life but compared to others I have flown in real life I can say it behaves somewhat real, and I say somewhat because once again, I have not flown this plane in real life, but it has the approval of the real company. My first few landings were not pretty, but after practicing for a few hours I can say I'm getting better at it. The outside model is highly detailed. If you want to see the amount of work put into it, take a closer look at the lights and the details will amaze you. FPS so far, have not noticed any big drops, the simulation so far, it's really smooth.

It still has a few bugs, like when in heading mode the aircraft oscillates or rolls left and right but I bet SWS is working hard on fixing bugs. The tablet has no function unless you have the Sky4Sim program, but the developers have future plans to add their software to the tablet to set aircraft payloads and more. Right now, you have to use the default payload function of MSFS. There have been only a few aircrafts that got me as excited as this one after purchase, like the first PMDG 737 back in 2011 and the Chancellor c414. In my believe the plane is under price compared to others with similar in-depth simulation, but don't tell SWS. I'm in love with this aircraft and I see myself flying it for years to come.
Review by Papa Golf
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.2.6
As good as I'd hoped it would be.

There is enough systems depth to warrant a 2-hour tutorial video. Yet, once you get the basics, it is a joy to fly. Combined with the PMS 50, it is the perfect commuter for short flights.
Review by Anonymous
Full Star
of v1.0.0 | current version is v1.2.6
Absolute joy to fly!