Sightseer Japan MSFS
Sightseer Japan MSFS
Sightseer Japan MSFS
Sightseer Japan MSFS

Sightseer Japan

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Adventum Simulations has created a unique product to explore the Microsoft Flight Simulator world at a slower pace. Sightseer Japan is the first in a series of add-ons for those who like to look out the window or fly in the third-person within Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft / Asobo has given users some great world updates for different parts of the world. Included are custom landmarks and locations that the developers have upgraded. Usually, you pass over these at higher aircraft speeds and get a quick glimpse at them as you fly by quickly.  

Sightseer was made so you can take your time and explore these landmarks and locations with narrated information while you fly the Volocity electric aircraft. 

The product includes 28 different discovery flights around the nation of Japan. 

Explore Custom Landmarks and  Locations  -  Sightseer Japan sets you up with a quick flight near each of the landmarks or locations included in the Japan World Update by Asobo, so you can explore the details of the 3D Models and locations custom developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Landmark / Location Narrated Information  -  Sightseer Japan includes narrated mini-tours of each point of interest, giving you facts and information on each landmark or location. 

Custom Sightseer Japan Volocity Livery  -  Sightseer Japan includes a custom livery for the Volocity aircraft, complete with Japan iconography

28 - Sightseer Japan Discovery Flights -  The discovery flights included with Sightseer Japan start you at or near the landmark or location so you can quickly start up the engine and explore these points of interest. All landmarks and places are available from the World Update Japan released by Asobo.  These include:

  1. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge (Akashi, Japan)
  2. Chikugo Lift Bridge (Kyushu, Japan)
  3. Mount Fuji / Hoei Crater (Mount Fuji, Japan)
  4. Himeji Castle (Himeji, Japan)
  5. Horyu-Ji (Ikagura, Japan)
  6. Ikitsuki Bridge (Ikitsuki, Japan)
  7. Itsukushima Shrine (Itsukushima, Japan)
  8. Kanmon Bridge (Moji, Japan)
  9. Lake Kawaguchi (Fujikawguchiko, Japan)
  10. Kobe Tower (Kobe, Japan)
  11. Kokonoe 'Yume' Otsurihashi (Kokonoe, Japan)
  12. Lake Motosu (Fujikawaguchiko, Japan)
  13. Nagasaki Airport and Bridge (Nagasaki, Japan)
  14. National Diet Building (Tokyo, Japan)
  15. Nishi-Shinjuku Business District (Tokyo, Japan)
  16. Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo, Japan)
  17. Lake Sai (Fujiawaguchiko, Japan)
  18. The Great Seto Bridge (Bisan, Japan)
  19. Lake Shoji (Fujikawaguchiko, Japan)
  20. Tokyo Skytree (Tokyo, Japan)
  21. Tatara Bridge (Hiroshima, Japan)
  22. Tokyo Gate Bridge (Tokyo, Japan)
  23. Tokyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)
  24. Tower of Wind (Tokyo, Japan)
  25. Lake Yamanaka (Tokyo, Japan)
  26. Yokohama Bay Bridge (Tokyo, Japan)
  27. Yokohama Landmark Tower (Tokyo, Japan)
  28. Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Tokyo, Japan)

Live Weather - Our discovery flights use live weather  This setting is used on each flight setup, so users have a different weather experience each time, allowing unlimited replayability. 


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