A Pilot's Life - Chapter 2
A Pilot's Life - Chapter 2
A Pilot's Life - Chapter 2
A Pilot's Life - Chapter 2

A Pilot's Life - Chapter 2

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Developed from the ground up, Chapter 2 of A Pilot’s Life from Simbitworld builds on the experience and knowledge we have gathered in the 4 years of developing and maintaining V1.

The software simulates the career of a commercial airline pilot, by generating your schedules, tracking and scoring your flights, rewarding you weekly according to your contract type and much more. Depending on how good your flight scores are, you will have more chances to progress to higher tier airlines faster, purchase more aircraft licenses, and compete with your friends on the community leaderboards. After all this, you will be able to analyze your finances, flights and XP points through carefully designed reports and unlock all 30 implemented achievements. This will not be an easy challenge.

You will feel the sense of achievement for completing flights and progressing through the ranks!
You will enjoy the diversity of the 575 airlines and 280 000 up-to-date routes included!
You will love the continuity of your adventure!
You will live A Pilot’s Life!

  • compatible with all major flight simulators: MSFS / P3D / X-PLANE / FSX
  • 575 airlines and 280 000 real up-to-date routes
  • new career system based on pilot rating and rank
  • new job market logic, impacted by community choices
  • new types of contracts that may impact your salary
  • aircraft license purchase mechanism that drives jobs and schedules
  • new types of schedules to be generated (round trips, random or random continued flights)
  • new flight monitoring mechanism based on stages of flight with complete flight scoring and extensive flight reports
  • detailed landing analysis report
  • weekly events
  • expansions
  • SimBrief dispatcher page and OFP viewer integration
  • improved shop and community pages
  • new reporting platform for more flexibility and eye-candy
  • achievement unlocking side-quest
  • printable schedule, logbook, flight reports
  • notification mechanism
  • ticketing and bug reporting system
  • photo album that can be shared with friends
  • dark/light theme
  • auto-update mechanism to sustain new features
  • live map and stats on website
  • live support on our Discord channels (https://discord.gg/UgwbNvB)

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Supported Simulators
for Prepar3D v4, Prepar3D v5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Standalone Installer

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Review by Austin
Full Star
of v2.2.1.162
A Pilots Life chapter 2 is now my goto way to fly the simulator, its extremely immersive, gets updated weekly with real world airlines and routes and most of all, provides a reason to fly to so many locations I would have never visited.

If you're on the fence like I was I'll let you know I haven't been disappointed, there isn't anything that compares when it comes to a Commercial Pilot career simulation.