Vessels: Madeira MSFS
Vessels: Madeira MSFS
Vessels: Madeira MSFS
Vessels: Madeira MSFS

Vessels: Madeira

Seafront Simulations

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Seafront Simulations
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Seafront Simulations


Come and discover the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira and take in the views of the lively coastal traffic and busy marinas that skirt these islands. Here you will find many visiting cruise ships, a busy shipping lane and lots of leisure craft amongst colourful fishingboats travelling around the coast.

This scenery covers the main island of Madeira as well as the island of Porto Santo and it's own busy port sitting to the Northeast. It includes moving, landable cruise ships too, but be sure to check for a friendly Marshaller before you hit the helideck as their presence confirms that it is one you can land on.


    • The free Vessels Core library is required. The Contrail App will install this automatically for you.
    • When landing on a moving ship, aircraft will remain facing the same heading even if the ship changes course.
    • Moving ships continue to move when the simulator is paused/in menu.


      • PBR models
      • Over 150 boats travelling around the coast
      • Navigation and Night lighting
      • Wake and Smoke VFX
      • Several landable, moving ships!

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