E-Jets 170/175 MSFS
E-Jets 170/175 MSFS
E-Jets 170/175 MSFS
E-Jets 170/175 MSFS

E-Jets 170/175

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FlightSim Studio AG

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Microsoft Flight Simulator
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This is product is in the Early Access phase - meaning there will still be bugs and missing featureas, but you will already be able to do full flights and enjoy the products. Any bugs will be fixed continuously and free of charge.
Please visit the FSS website (linked below) to fully understand what the Early Access means before making a purchase.

If you own both E-Jets packages (E170/175 and E190/195) you will get exclusive and free access to the upcoming E190/195 freighter variant, which is planned for Q2 2024.

The E170/175 Early Access offers many custom systems, high resolution and accurate avionics, the FMS with an authentic interface, fully implemented sounds, and the 3D assets and animations are already finished and of top-level quality.

FSS is working on the entire E-Jets Series. They have been released as E170/175 bundle, and E190/E195 bundle. Please review the detailed description of all currently implemented systems or visit the FSS website for more details and FAQs.

The E-Jets series revolutionized regional jet travel and set the benchmark in performance, efficiency and comfort in the single-aisle segment. It is a successful line of 70 to 150 seat passengers’ jets, with over 80 airlines flying the model and an average mission completion rate of 99.9%.

The 2+2 configuration with no middle seat guarantees every passenger either a window or an aisle seat and with no under-seat support rails, there’s more space to stretch out.

Whether flying in mainline networks, low fare/low-cost environments, or on regional routes, the four members of the E-Jets family ensure airlines have the right capacity to maximize bottom-line returns. Fast turnaround times (15 mins or less) increase daily utilization, while reducing unit costs.

Designed for short to mid-range flights, the E170/175 features 66 to 88 seats in a single, dual or high-density configuration.
As well as being one of the most comfortable in the segment, the E170/175 is also one of the quietest with advanced sound absorbing materials.

3D Model

  • Precise and highly detailed recreation of the ERJ-170 & ERJ-175 (interior & exterior)
  • Including long and short winglet version
  • Using native MSFS technologies like:
    • High resolution decals
    • Crisp and sharp liveries
    • PBR effects throughout
    • Custom icing model
    • Individual interior and exterior lighting
    • Hundreds of animations including wipers, seats, wingflex, etc.
    • Ground service docking config
    • Dynamic registration number
  • 7 detailed liveries included:
    • American Airlines
    • United Airlines
    • Alaskan Airlines
    • KLM
    • LOT
    • Fuji Dream
    • FSS

Flight Dynamics

  • Correct weight & balance behavior
  • Performance in limits to real world data
  • Configured by real world airline pilot


  • Custom soundpack specifically done for this product
  • Immersive cockpit feeling typical for E-Jets
  • Based on real world recordings
  • Includes several warning and alert sounds

System Simulation

  • Systems custom coded based on real aircraft manual
    • Electrics (AC/DC)
    • APU including realistic procedures
    • Hydraulics
    • Heating / Ice Protection
    • Air Condition / Pneumatics

Flight Management System

  • Detailed replica of the LOAD27 MCDU:
    • MSFS based lateral route management incl. SID/STAR
    • Performance Initialization & Data
    • Fuel Management
    • Takeoff and Landing speed calculation
    • Flight Summary
    • COM/NAV integration
    • Conversion Calculations
    • Maintenance Pages
    • Progress overview
    • Direct keyboard entry available

Autoflight System

  • Custom Flight Director implementation including TO mode
  • Automatic Yaw Damper logic
  • MAN speed mode
  • Custom tuned lateral autopilot modes (ROLL, HDG, LNAV, LOC, TRACK)
  • Custom tuned vertical autopilot modes (FPA, TO, ASEL, FLCH, ALT, VS, GS)
  • Corresponding Flight Mode Annunciators on PFD

Flight Instruments

  • Realistic Primary Flight Display (LOAD27) including:
    • Autopilot FMAs
    • V-Speeds readout
    • Low Speed Awareness tapes
    • VMO/MMO barber poles
    • Metric altitude readout
    • Trend vectors
    • BARO in hpa and inhg
    • Radio altitude readout
    • Flight director (bar/cue)
    • Flight path vector
    • Slip/skid indication
    • Vertical deviation scale/pointer (LOC only)
    • HSI (Compass only)
  • Custom Multifunctional Display including:
    • MAP mode (arc view with routing and navaids)
    • Progress display
  • Realistic Integrated Electronic Stanby System (IESS)
  • Custom EICAS display including all required system information
  • Custom digital clock
  • Custom coded Audio Control Panel (VHF1-3, NAV1-3)

Electronic Flight Bag

  • Flight planning incl. SimBrief import
  • Aircraft loading/fueling
  • Performance calculation (Manifest)
  • Control ground equipment and doors
  • Navigraph Charts Viewer
  • Comprehensive options
    • Throttle calibration
    • Aircraft settings (global)
    • Operator settings (per livery)

Other Features

  • Interactive MSFS checklist with custom cameras and highlightings
  • MCDU input via keyboard
  • Route integration into native MSFS map
  • Using native MSFS nav database
  • Pop-out screens

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Review by Nico
Full Star
of v0.9.18+patch1 | current version is v0.9.30
This is such a nice airplane! I bought it yestaday and I can already fly it!

- Easy to understand.
- Nice interior.
- Nice checklist.
- Flies well on vatsim.
- Nice exterior and reflection

Overall really nice airplane, I am in love with it, especially on shorter flights!
Review by TJR
Full Star
of v0.9.24 | current version is v0.9.30
Overall a nice airplane. They really do need to get going and finish the VNAV. They had time to put out a whole other product (E-190 Series) which will bring in more $ but have yet to find the time to finish this?! Other then that they did a pretty good job and I'd recommend it. Highly recommend once it is finished or at least a little further along.
Reply by Contrail
Thank you for your review! While I don't speak for the developer, they usually push out new updates for both the E170/175 and 190/195 simultaneously every two weeks (on average).
Review by ComputerJones
Full Star
of v0.9.29 | current version is v0.9.30
This thing is simply a joy to fly. It is very much incomplete, but the model is beautiful, the flying characteristics feel very good, and it performs pretty well in general.

It's a little off-putting when you run into things that are incomplete and the FMS is certainly quite buggy:
- LNAV is basic at best. You need to pay close attention to the routing and what the plane thinks it ought to do. Vectors get automatically interpolated into the next waypoint, inserting procedures mid-flight practically necessitates switching to Heading Select first and then doing what you need to do with the sequencing
- There is no VNAV. It's "coming soon" but you need to fly this thing yourself vertically. It's 100% doable even in a busy arrival but you are going to do the math yourself and spin all the numbers in manually. The FPA mode will help you here, but you need to do the work ahead of time to get things on speed and on path.

As far as systems go, just like in the real jet, much is automated. Much may not be simulated, either, at least in a way that you'll encounter in general. There are no service-based failures and as far as I've seen, none are planned. It's hard to screw things up enough for this to matter but "wear-and-tear" fans will not get their itches scratched with this jet.

There are bugs, and there are bugs that you will definitely encounter:
- I recommend you flip the speed mode to FMS before takeoff and leave it alone until you have to bug in a speed. If you don't, and you have a level-off under a speed-restricted altitude (e.g. 10,000 feet), it tends to always jump to 270KIAS. This isn't as obvious taking off in FMS mode, and it'll smoothly do what you expect, so beware: it doesn't start in FMS mode, you need to rotate the selector over to accomplish this
- Direct-to is challenging, and behaves in strange ways. Heading select is your friend here, plan accordingly to spin a vector in and then insert your direct on the FPL page and the jet will do things smoothly. Heading select has a sync mode by clicking the button, so don't sweat it too much, just know you've got to be involved with this autopilot more than you might be used to in the sim

I have confidence that all of this will be solved, it's just a matter of when. I highly recommend the E-Jets to fans of the plane, it's worth the money even with the above!
Review by Olivier
Full Star
of v0.9.19+patch2 | current version is v0.9.30
Great little plane, has an amazing flight model to hand fly and great textures and model. Once VNAV is added plane will be perfect